Flight to Oshawa

Had an amazing weekend.  Mike and I were watching the weather all day, hoping the clouds would lift enough for us to fly to Oshawa to go to the Mandarin.  Fortunately, by 3:00 the clouds lifted up to about 2000′ and we were able to go.  We took off just after 3:00, as the restaurant didn’t open back up until 4:00.  It was an awesome hour long flight there.  We passed over the heart of Toronto:

Then headed Northish to Oshawa:

I was third to land – this was my first time at this airport.

We wandered over to the Madarin which was about a five minute walk.

Since it was Mother’s Day weekend, it was totally packed.  Still, we had some awesome noms:

Mike went all out on the yummy desserts:

Ironically, all of the women were given a carnation for Mother’s Day.  It had the MS logo on it as the Mandarin is the major sponsor of the Walk for MS.

Heading back to St. Catharines, the weather wasn’t as good.  The haze really rolled in:

We saw a neat boat in one of the harbours:

And saw the Orng medical helicopter and some other aircraft:

The haze and cloudage was pretty bad back in St. Catharines:

What an awesome day!

Had another great day on Sunday.  As it was Mother’s Day, Jan and I spent the day together.  We did some shopping at first, hitting Petcetera for their spend $100 and get $30 off deal.  Ended up getting 90 lbs of cat litter!  Then we went to Shoppers Drug Mart for our third $200 shopping spree – spend your points event.  We picked up $227 worth of stuff and it only cost me $27.  I have enough points for one more spree.

Back home, we heated up our yummy full turkey dinners I picked up at Antipastos.  We had them at Christmas too – very good.  So good, Mya wanted some too:

We had such a great day – what an awesome weekend!

Today’s symptoms: Very tired and drained today with a pretty bad headache.  Tons of MS aches and pains all over too.  Went home an hour early.

Krazy Kittahs

Not too much to report for this week.  I’m really hoping the weather is decent tomorrow as I’m going to fly Mike and I to Oshawa.  There is a Mandarin restaurant across the road from the airport.

This is going to be a short but very cute blog.  My kittahs are adorable.

Boo and Mya on the couch:

Abby being cute:

Boo had breakfast in bed:

I changed my shower curtain today and Pinky crawled into the the one to be washed:

Then she stuck her tongue out at me:

Little goobers.

Today’s symptoms: Feeling pretty decent.  Bad headache though.  Finally slept the last couple of nights.  I hope this is the end of my month long stint of insomnia.

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