Weird Cats, Good Noms

It’s been an interesting week thus far.  I’ve just started my fundraising for the Walk for MS.  I usually start about a month before the Walk, but it’s actually in a week.  If you want to check out the details of the Walk and if you would like to pledge me, please check out my pledge page at: Pledge Me For the Walk for MS.  Everyone who pledges me will be entered into a draw for one of three flights in my Cessna 150 Aerobat over Niagara!  I set up my pledge forms at work.  A good friend of mine actually went around to some of our coworkers today and mentioned the event.  She received quite a few pledges.  I’m so touched that she did that!


I’ve had so much support over the years for this event.  Like I mentioned in my blurb on my pledge page, I think about a cure every day.  I can’t even imagine the feeling of hearing the words “A cure for MS has been found!”  Awesome!

Ok, coming down off my dream high, I would like to bring up some of the freaks in my life.  I was taking a pic of Boo until Mya photobombed her:

Boo forgave her and snuggled in for the cuteness kill:

When I told Mike about this situation, he told one of his cats.  Here was his reaction;

Poor little cross-eyed Samtard.  So cute!

Ok, change of topic.  Mike was driving me to work one morning and we passed the scariest sight I’ve ever seen since living in St. Catharines.  Mike actually had to brake as a friggen ghost walked in front of his car!!!!

How creepy!  Not sure if I want to live here anymore!

Although, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to walk to Sahla Thai.  It’s one of my favourite restaurants.  I brought Mike here for his first time tonight.  As usual, I got the Crazy Chicken, which is two amazing BBQ’d chicken breasts and veggies in the most amazing sauce ever:

I suggested to Mike that he get the Pad Thai, which my best friend Laura always gets. Almost everyone else that goes to this restaurant usually chooses this dish:

He loved it.  We both cleaned our plates and are more than happy to go back.

As we walked back to my apartment, Mike noticed this license plate and instantly thought of my little mother:

This was our second outing for dinner this week.  The first one was after my Tysabri infusion on Tuesday.  He went with me to the new clinic with the new nurse – apparently with the last clinic had their contract run out so the Tysabri folks were taken over by Bayshore.  I was quite impressed – the nurses were so nice and thorough.  She did the IV perfectly – hardly any pain.  The best part was that they wrapped my IV tubage with orange wrappage:

You always want your bandage to match your plane!

Ok, after almost a week of insomnia, I think I’m going to try to sleep now!  Wish me luck!

Today’s symptoms:  After multiple nights of less than four hours sleep each night, I was obviously quite tired today.  I’m still experiencing the symptom of spasms and full blown clenching in my thighs.  It’s really frustrating and quite painful.  Hoping I sleep well tonight and start feeling better tomorrow!

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