Happy Easter!

Hope everyone had a great Easter!On Friday, Mike and I went to the All About Pets show in Mississauga.  It was close to Pearson Airport, so it was nice to see all the jets coming in for a landing:


Once we arrived at the International Centre, we were a tad overwhelmed at the size.  We ended up walking around more than half of the buildings before finally arriving at the pet show.  The amount of people there was insane.  It was hard to walk around from one vendor/exhibit to the next.  Fortunately, what we were able to see was great.  Check out the cute Savannah cat:

Over in the cat show section, I of course sought out the Sphynx kitties.  Chatted with the owner of these two cuties:

I think the fluffy one is a Devon Rex.

We checked out the birds:

Little owl dude:

I really started to feel sick after less than an hour.  There were just too many people, sounds, smells…..being pushed around plus my balance was really bad that day.  I felt bad that we couldn’t stay longer than we did.  I had to sit down in the food court for a bit, just so the room would quit spinning.  After a brief rest, we checked out the horses:

It was a really great time, just wish I didn’t start feeling so sick.  I feel like I kinda ruined it for Mike.

The next day, Jan came over and the three of us walked over to a nearby restaurant for dinner.  I was really surprised how dead it was in there.  Oh well, good food and good company.

Yesterday, I went to Mike’s for Easter dinner.  As with the previous meals I’ve had there, this one was great too.  His mom made the cutest bunny cakes:

She’s such a great cook and baker!

It was a wonderful evening that unfortunately had a bad ending.  I’ve had McRosenkrantz the Betta fish for over two years now.  He’s been rather sickly for a few months – spent most of the time at the bottom of the tank with a swollen chest.  He ate well at least.  Poor little goober passed away last night.  I don’t have it in me to just flush him, so I wrapped him up and stuck him in the freezer.  I’ll take him to Jan’s on the weekend and bury him in the garden with all my previous pets (hamsters, mice, gerbils, turtles, birds, etc.)

Tomorrow I have to give a “motivational” presentation to the Air Cadets in Port Colborne.  It’s the same presentation I’ve given to other groups in Niagara, such as John Deere retirees, Air Force Association, Zonta Club, plus to an aviation group up in Sexsmith.  It takes me about 45 minutes to get through and I show a PowerPoint presentation throughout.

Today’s symptoms:  Feeling fairly decent today, although a tad more fatigued than normal.  Mind you, I had a busier weekend than usual so it’s all good.  Really bad aches and pains in my forearms and hands too.

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