Bucket List Item Accomplished!!!

After the snake handler gave his presentation and the crowd started to disperse, I approached him to ask if there was any way I would be able to hold one of their tarantulas.  I mentioned my bucket list after being diagnosed and he was unbelievably eager to allow me to do this.  I think that’s when I started shaking.  Strangely enough, I wasn’t nervous at all.  Rather, totally excited as this is something I’ve wanted to do for so long.  I can’t believe the handler (Kevin Dugey) would be so accommodating.  Within minutes of putting the snake away, he came out with the spider:

Wow, this was it.  I can’t believe number 1 on my bucket list was about to be accomplished.  He handed him over to me and I was instantly hooked on the little dude.  He was so cute!  It made me think of all the little pets I had in the past – mice, hamsters, gerbils, rats, hairless guinea pig.  I wanted one!  What made this whole experience perfect was Kevin’s attitude.  He was so encouraging and showed so much interest in what I was telling him.  I was truly touched.  He even allowed us to pose for this great pic before taking little spidie dude back.  I really hope he’s ok with me putting it on my blog!!!

Actually, this was the second pic.  During the first one, I noticed him pointing but didn’t get to see his great expression until after:

He is totally in the right career!  His passion for his job was amazing!

After this great experience, Mike and I went into the actual butterfly conservatory.  As most people do, Mike was totally trying to convince the butterflies to land on him.  I told him it was never going to happen.  About half way through our walk, he turned and started looking at something to our right.  That’s when I spotted a cute little butterfly and asked him if I could hold him.  He said yes.  He crawled onto my finger and I said “Hey Mike, check it out!”  He was all jealous so I passed him over:

He held it for a bit then passed him back to me.  I then moved the little butterfly dude a little further north:

Tee hee!  He then wanted me to stop talking to he moved down:

I wandered around like this for about five minutes.  I actually had three people take my pic!  Little dude then wandered up to my eyebrow as another one landed on my shoulder:

Eventually, they both fluttered off.  Mike kinda wanted to go around the conservatory again, but it’s very hot and humid in there.  Due to the infamous MS heat intolerance, I was already at my limit and started to feel a little woozy.  I told him I needed to get going.  We had such an awesome time though!

The rest of our day was going over to the States to visit Wal-Mart and TOPS, then to Applebee’s for noms.  Back at my place, we played Call of Duty on the wii for hours, then both passed out in exhaustion.  What a perfect day!

I had another great day today.  I went to visit my little mother.  We headed out for a Timmies and then over to Wal-Mart.  Back at home, I got ready for my little outting.  A bunch of us girls from work plus some of their friends met up at The Feathery for a St. Patty’s Day gathering.  We had to wait quite some time to get a table, but it was totally worth it.  We sat right up near the live band.  Soon after our food came out, we had the absolute pleasure of watching some wonderful Irish dancers:

They were awesome to watch.  I always wanted to do Irish dancing!

The food was quite yummy.  I had a buffalo chicken wrap:

Very yummy!  It was a great night.  I was a little anxious to get home and watch the Amazing Race and write this blog though.  Had so many great things to share.  Actually, here’s a few more.  I just received some pics from the Women in Aviation event I was a part of in Waterloo the other weekend.

Notice how Vyctor is the only plane with his wheel on the line:

This is when a helicopter almost landed on my head.  It was a perfectly calm day.  My hair and scarf are blowing from the helicopter’s downwash:

Tee hee!  I’m a dork.

Today’s symptoms: I have amazingly started having more good days than bad.  Honestly, I can’t remember the last time that happened.  My energy level has been better than normal – that’s all I really care about.  I’ve been having bad headaches and a lot of crushing aches and pains, mostly in my forearms, but the pain is something that doesn’t impact my life as the fatigue does.  Please let this continue!!!

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