Winning Streak

I showed in my last blog that I won a coffee in the Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim…well, it continued this weekend.  On my fourth coffee of the Roll Up The Rim, I won a donut:

Then, later that night I was playing the Roll Up The Rim online addition and won three song downloads:

First time I’ve won on the online edition.  Yea!

Speaking of winning, how is this for a winning family:

They’re all having their night-time snacks.

Had a decent week.  My mother and I drove to Hamilton to see my neurologist, as I seem to be having a bit of an MS flare-up.  My neurologist kinda thinks I may be having one as well.  He said he wants me to have an MRI within a week.  This will be my twelfth!  He didn’t give me anything to treat my new symptoms, at least until we get the MRI results.  That night, my boyfriend and I went to The Feathery for nachos.  As usual, they were amazing:

It was a perfect start to a night that didn’t end quite as well.  I was scooping the kitty litter and took it into the bathroom to flush.  I kinda wiped out and corked my toe on the door.  Amazingly, I didn’t spill a drop of litterage.  However, this is the after shot:

Nice.  One seriously maimed toe.  Still a tad blue and swollen, going to lose the nail, but at least it was entertaining!  On a bright note, my limp is way better than it was for the first few days.

On Saturday, I went to my boyfriend’s for dinner.  I was able to meet his older sister, her hubby and their two adorable boys.  I had such a great time.  It was also nice to see his four Siamese cats.  Here I am giving headlight-eyed Coco a rub down:

I visited with my little mother on Sunday.  I wasn’t having the best day symptom-wise though, so we didn’t wander around as much as I would have liked.  It was similar today, as I was extremely fatigued and weak and had a hard time making it through the day at work.  I was able to leave a little early as I had a doctor appointment.  I plan on going to bed early tonight and feeling much better tomorrow.

Today’s symptoms: Still having my new symptoms, which feels like tight bands around my right arm, leg and side of my face.  It’s very tingly too – rather annoying!  Very tired today, much more than normal.  I think it still has to do with recovering from my six week long sinus infection and cold.  Blah!

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