Month: February 2013

Winning Streak

I showed in my last blog that I won a coffee in the Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim…well, it continued this weekend.  On my fourth coffee of the Roll Up The Rim, I won a donut:

Then, later that night I was playing the Roll Up The Rim online addition and won three song downloads:

First time I’ve won on the online edition.  Yea!

Speaking of winning, how is this for a winning family:

They’re all having their night-time snacks.

Had a decent week.  My mother and I drove to Hamilton to see my neurologist, as I seem to be having a bit of an MS flare-up.  My neurologist kinda thinks I may be having one as well.  He said he wants me to have an MRI within a week.  This will be my twelfth!  He didn’t give me anything to treat my new symptoms, at least until we get the MRI results.  That night, my boyfriend and I went to The Feathery for nachos.  As usual, they were amazing:

It was a perfect start to a night that didn’t end quite as well.  I was scooping the kitty litter and took it into the bathroom to flush.  I kinda wiped out and corked my toe on the door.  Amazingly, I didn’t spill a drop of litterage.  However, this is the after shot:

Nice.  One seriously maimed toe.  Still a tad blue and swollen, going to lose the nail, but at least it was entertaining!  On a bright note, my limp is way better than it was for the first few days.

On Saturday, I went to my boyfriend’s for dinner.  I was able to meet his older sister, her hubby and their two adorable boys.  I had such a great time.  It was also nice to see his four Siamese cats.  Here I am giving headlight-eyed Coco a rub down:

I visited with my little mother on Sunday.  I wasn’t having the best day symptom-wise though, so we didn’t wander around as much as I would have liked.  It was similar today, as I was extremely fatigued and weak and had a hard time making it through the day at work.  I was able to leave a little early as I had a doctor appointment.  I plan on going to bed early tonight and feeling much better tomorrow.

Today’s symptoms: Still having my new symptoms, which feels like tight bands around my right arm, leg and side of my face.  It’s very tingly too – rather annoying!  Very tired today, much more than normal.  I think it still has to do with recovering from my six week long sinus infection and cold.  Blah!

Getting Better!

I’m happy to say that the new antibiotic I’m on is really helping.  The doctor was right – that is one potent drug!  I could actually feel my sinuses starting to clear after just a few days.  The lower ones seem totally clear and the uppers are well on their way.  The only bad part of being sick for so long is that I lost over five pounds.  Not a great deal of weight, but at 5’6″, I think I was only around 110.  I’m working on putting it back on though.  My boyfriend and I had a delicious, substantially topped, large, thin crust pizza from Pizza Hut.  I actually ate a little more than half!  I can’t remember the last time I ate that much.  I had another big meal today at work.  A co-worker on the same team as me is going on a three month leave of absence, then possibly retiring afterwards.  Our team leader had Antipastos bring in a huge amount of food: salad, lasagna, gnocchi, meatballs, sausage and roasted potatoes.  It was so good!

People are always so shocked to see me eat a big pile of food.  I guess my spindliness makes it seem like I don’t eat too much!

Speaking of noms, my friend and I went to Timmies this past weekend and decided to try out their new grilled cheese panini.  We split one:

Extra yummy with ketchup.  Also with the Tim Hortons theme, Roll up the Rim started a couple days ago.  I think I only won a donut last year, which was a bit of a bummer considering I had about two coffees a week.  Well, my first cup this year:

My mother only won one thing last year too.  She won a coffee on her second cup.  We’re on a rolllllllllll…..

Last night, I walked into the bedroom to see a really cute scene.  I had thrown my sweater I wore that day on the cat tree.  Pinky shoved part of it into one of the holes and made it a little kitty fort.   Welcome to Fort Pinky:

Mya was being a bit of a goober earlier too.  I think one of the other kittahs put this stuffed cat on her back:

I have tomorrow off so I was going to go in a little later to put in some overtime.  Slight change in plans.  A couple of weeks ago, I started getting a numbness, crawling, tingly sensation in my legs, mostly my right.  That sensation is now in both my arms and my face.  I phoned the MS clinic at McMaster Hospital and spoke with a nurse.  She said it sounds like I may be experiencing an MS flare-up.  Ugh.  She phoned my neurologist’s office this morning and got me an appointment with him tomorrow at 1:00.  I’ll still be able to go into work at 7:15.  My little mother is going to pick me up around 11:15, we’ll go to the apartment to switch vehicles then head to my neurologist’s in downtown Hamilton.  I’m really hoping he can give me something to abate these rotten sensations.  It’s not painful at all, just constant and very annoying.  I’m having a very hard time sleeping and also concentrating at work.  I’ve been unable to have my monthly Tysabri infusion, which is supposed to lessen the chance of having a flare-up.  I’m three weeks over-due.  Not sure if this could have something to do with it or if it’s more the six week long illness I just endured, that weakened my system and made me more susceptible to an MS attack.  Hmmmm…..

Today’s symptoms:  Feeling very weak and those new sensory symptoms in my legs, arms and face are getting really annoying!  My right foot was dragging a bit today too. 

Week Five

Well, I haven’t posted a blog in about ten days now because I’m still sick with this horrid sinus infection.  It started on January 7th!  I missed work on Monday, as I was feeling so poorly again.  I did have to go to the Recreational Aircraft Association meeting that night though.  I guess I could have passed the lead to my vice president, but I still had to open the building.  Mind you, I was in shock when I opened the door, to find a completely empty room.  No chairs, desks, projector, screen – nothing!  Ugh.  They put in new carpet and repainted, but I think they kinda forgot about our group’s meeting!  We did manage to find all of the chairs and the projector, plus one of the head dudes of that building kindly came over and helped us to set up.

The meeting went well, although I was really glad to get back home afterwards.

The next day, I woke up feeling worse.  I had an appointment with my doctor that morning.  She didn’t want to put me on another antibiotic right away, as I was just on two a week earlier.  She told me to take my nasal steroid spray, over the counter sinus meds and to use my sinus rinse.  If things were still bad the next week, she would prescribe another antibiotic.  I had my paws crossed that things would start clearing up…..stay tuned!

The morning after my doctor visit, I woke up around 2:30 with a pretty severe case of restless leg syndrome.  Actually, it was some of the worst I’ve ever experienced.  Needless to say, I didn’t get back to sleep.  Less than two hours later, I was hit with some pretty strong nausea.  I was sick to my stomach about 20 times in 10 hours.  Yeah, that’s what I need on top of the sinus infection.  I was getting really dehydrated so I called my little mother and she came up with Pepto and apple juice.  It wasn’t until after 1:oopm that the barfapolooza finally ceased.  The next day I was really weak and sore, so I didn’t go into work.  The great part of the day was my boyfriend stopped by for about an hour – as it was Valentine’s Day!  He brought me a dozen gorgeous roses:

We opened our pressies, then chilled on the couch with the kitties.  Mya got into the day’s festivities too:

Unfortunately, I still wasn’t able to eat anything by that night, other than some light soup.  I was really weak when I woke up Friday, and the sinus pain was intense.  I felt so guilty over missing work, plus I was going stir-crazy, so I went into work.  I knew I wasn’t contagious, so I didn’t put anyone at risk.  I might as well feel crappy at work and be productive than do nothing at home.  I got a ton done and actually made it through the entire day.  Once home, I was able to eat a bit more soup, but not much.  So I basically went three days with hardly eating anything.

I woke up around 8:00 this morning and felt even worse than yesterday.  My bod is so loaded with infection that it actually started coming out of my eye!  How gross!  I knew I couldn’t wait until next week to see my doctor, so I went to urgent care at Hotel Dieu hospital.  Fortunately, Jan came up and took me over.  We were there before 10:00 and there was only one person ahead of us.  It was perfect timing because by the time I left (we were there less than an hour), there were at least five people in line for the triage.  The doctor I saw was so nice.  I told her how long I had been sick, the previous antibiotics I was on plus the fact that I can’t have my monthly Tysabri infusion while I’m sick.  She said she wasn’t going to play around.  She put me on a rather potent antibiotic called Moxifloxacin.  It’s kinda a last resort med for severe and stubborn sinus infections, as well as pneumonia.  I’m so appreciative that she gave me something that will clear it up.  Five weeks being sick on top of my regular MS symptoms is really starting to take a toll physically and emotionally.

So here I sit, very weak but finally able to eat solid food!!!  Yea!  I’m so glad.  I know I’ve lost a few pounds.  I look horrible – my face is sunken in and my mother keeps calling me gaunt.

Speaking of sick, I was starting to think Boo was a little sick in the head earlier this week.  First she started nomming her tail:

Then she made a silly face:

And the grande finale was when she turned into zombie kittah:

I ran into the other room after her transformation, to shield the other kitties from her wrath.  I told them what was happening.  Apparently it has happened before because they really didn’t show much of a reaction:

Yeah, they really weren’t too concerned.  Cute though!

So it looks like I’ll just be chilling this weekend.  I can’t wait until the meds kick in and I start feeling better.  I have never been sick for this long before.  Unfortunately, I won’t be able to have my Tysabri infusion for at least three weeks, due to the antibiotic I’m on.  That’s causing me a bit of stress as the longer I go without my meds, the more likely I am to have an MS flare-up.

Today’s symptoms:  Needless to say, not feeling well at all today.  I really couldn’t tell you whether some of the symptoms I’m experiencing are from the sinus infection or MS:  fatigue, weakness, aches and pains all over my body, headache and stiff joints.  We’ll just say they’re a bit of both!

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Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal

I had one of the most memorable days I’ve had in a really long time, this past Tuesday.  It was the day I was presented with the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee medal.  There were three of us being awarded the medal at work.  For each of us, it was for our volunteer and charity work in the community and abroad.  We were each allowed to bring a guest for the ceremony.  I decided to help the office out with their small room issue, and I brought my tiny, space-conserving mother.  She arrived at the tax office around 9:45.  All of the employees were in the main training room, waiting for the service to start.  Since I served in the Army Reserve for eleven years and I am still in the Supplemental Reserve, I was allowed to wear my uniform.Each of us recipients posed in front of one of the two beautiful cakes they had made up.  There were tons of other noms as well:

While the six of us plus a few other members of the Recognition Committee were standing around, waiting for the ceremony to start, the head of the committee approached us to speak with Jan.  She said “Mrs. Murphy, I just want to tell you how pleasant it is to work with your daughter.”  There was a brief pause from everyone in our small group, as we kinda looked around at each other.  Then we all burst out laughing – especially Jan!  Tee hee!  Poor Margaret didn’t even know how to respond.  She sure wasn’t expecting that response.  She started backing up slowly, still sweetly smiling while we continued to laugh.  Jan then said “Well, ok then!  If pleasant is the word you want to use!”  Man it was funny.  A nice little comedic relief to calm our nerves.

The three guests were escorted inside and seated at the table set up for the six of us.  The three medal recipients followed them.  I was shocked how many employees came to watch.  It was quite overwhelming.

I was the first recipient.  The Director read the details of my volunteer work, charity/fund-raising and spoke about my time in the Army, being diagnosed with MS and now being a pilot with my own plane.

I then went up to the front and was given the medal, a certificate and bouquet of flowers:

The stories of the other two recipients were wonderful to listen to.  Kinda renews your faith in humanity!

One of the employees, who has an amazing voice, sang the national anthem.  I saluted throughout and tried not to get chocked up.

Afterward, we went to the smaller room next door, mingled with everyone and had some delicious noms.  It was nice to introduce my mother to so many great people I work with.  She thought it was rather neat to put faces to the names.

Once the room cleared and everyone headed back to work, Jan and I drove to the airport so I could get a few pics with Vyctor, while still in my uniform:

It was just a tad nippy out!

I would just like to formally apologize to all of the employees who gave me a hug that day, and I whacked them in the head with my massive bun.  Seriously, I’m truly sorry.  At least it was soft!

What an amazing day.  Due to all of the excitement, plus overheating in my uniform while mingling, I was completely wiped out by around 2:00.  I ended up having to go home a couple hours early.  I think I fell asleep that night with a huge smile on my face.

Here are pics of the certificate and book I received with the medal:

Despite being so weak today, I’m still on cloud 9.  I don’t think it has even fully sunken in yet!

Today’s symptoms:  Very physically weak today.  My mind was ok (well, as ok as it will ever be!) but my body was truly struggling.  I did make it until the end though.  I’ve been blobbed on the couch ever since.  Had quite a few very intense pains in my forearms.  They always seem to be worse when I’m weak like this. 

It’s Finally Over!

Well, I think I’m finally over my three week-long sinus infection and cold.  Geesh!  I think that means I shouldn’t get sick for the rest of the year – decided to get it all over with in one shot.

Since I’ve been sick for the last while, not too much exciting has happened.  I did go over to TOPS with a friend today.  I couldn’t believe how much I ended up buying.  I was dared to buy some joyous cereal – I was fearful of a triple-dog-dare so I ended up buying a box:

I’m typically a fan of Shredded Wheat, however the strawberry flavour on these bad boys seriously tastes like chemicals.  I guess that’s probably because it is.  Even little Mya shunned a taste:

Had a good time being out today.  Nice to get out after being somewhat apartment-bound for the last few weeks.  Still very weak and tired from the antibiotics though.  Today is my last dose, so should start feeling better soon.

Woke up to a rather cute site this weekend.  Little Mya and Boo were being all cute and friendly, sleeping next to me and each other:

After snapping this pic, Boo decided to start chewing on her back toe-nails.  Nice:

She gnawed one off and spat it next to my pillow.  once again, nice.

This afternoon, I worked on getting all of the lint and cat hair (from my previous fluffy kitty, Beau) off of my formal Army uniform.  Have to get it all nice and pretty for the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee medal presentation on Tuesday.  Rather looking forward to it!  It’s nice that we’re allowed to bring one guest, so my little mother will be attending.

Kinda hoping the weather clears up a bit this week.  I haven’t flown in about a month due to being sick and the yuckola weather.  Last night the forecasts said it would be mostly clear Monday – Thursday.  Now it says there will be snow every day this week.  Ugh!

Today’s symptoms: Still quite weak from the antibiotics.  MS symptom-wise, not too much to report.  Just some sharp pains in my forearms, but that seems to be an ongoing thing now.