Another Great Weekend

It was a decent week.  Despite having to have a not-so-fun medical test on my birthday, it still turned out to be a great day.  I was still smiling after my dinner at the Mandarin the night before.  There were about nine of us that went out for noms that night.

On Friday, my friend came over and we had some drinks, put up my Christmas tree, watched some movies, and had Swiss Chalet.  Yet another great night.  The cats seemed to think so too.  As soon as they smelled the chicken, they came a’running:

My friend didn’t seem to mind Mya and Pinky up on her lap while she was trying to eat.  Such goobers.

Another friend from work dropped off my old cat tent I gave her, as her little fur ball doesn’t seem to care for it too much.  I figured I would donate it to the cat donation centre at the Seaway Mall.  I may have to remove a few kitties from it first:

After a long evening of frolicking, Boo was relieved to crawl into bed.  Rather than just resting, she decided to make a few goofy faces first:

I was invited over to my friend’s house on Saturday, to visit his family, which consists of four and a half corgis.  I honestly tried to remain vertical for my visit, but was quickly thrown to the ground and mobbed by a slew of cuties:

As you can see, their “half” corgi is an adorable little puppy, sitting on my head.

And here I am getting nommed:

Part way through my visit, it was meal time:

Two of the dogs eat in their crates.  They all had specific areas where they inhaled their food:

Everyone was quite pooped after being so active and slurping back their noms.  Even little puppy-head could no longer stay conscious:

It was such a great visit – what a wonderful family!

After I got home, I finished getting my fudge ready for the pot luck at the Flying Club that night.  My mother was also kind enough to make some brownies.  Every time I make fudge and use the airplane cookie cutter, I promise myself that I’ll never do it again.  It’s such a total pain to get the fudge out in one piece.  Fortunately, they turned out ok, along with the little gingies I made:

There was a great turn out at the dinner, with some really yum-o food.  I had a great time.  I was glad that I didn’t have too much fudge to bring home – just a few airplanes.

I made sure I played with the Club kitty before heading home at night:

I told Abby about the dogs and cat I visited that day.  She wasn’t impressed:

Notice how her right leg is extended – I managed to take this picture just before she gave me a back-hander.

So, another great weekend.  The only bad part was this tragic scene my mother and I noticed in the Tim Hortons parking lot.  Yup, that’s a decapitated gingerbread Santa:

Poor fella.

Today’s symptoms: A tad low on energy today.  Like yesterday lots of MS pain, mostly in my arms and hands.  I’ll sleep well tonight so I’m raring to go tomorrow!

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