Long Weekend – Yea!

Had yet another bad week physically.  I’m having a test on the 21st of this month that will hopefully shed some light on why I keep having these lousy dehydration issues (unable to retain fluids).

On Monday, Jan picked me up at work and we drove down to the Niagara Falls Hospital for my annual MRI (this was my eleventh).  As I’m on Tysabri to treat my MS, there is a chance of getting PML, which is a fatal brain infection.  My neurologist want me to have a yearly MRI to check if there are any signs of PML.  The technician at the hospital remembered me from last year, which was rather nice!  Everything went smoothly, including the IV that I had to get part way through the test.  Since I was having my Tysabri infusion the next day, I decided to leave the IV line in my arm, thinking she could use it tomorrow and I wouldn’t have to be poked twice.

Once home, I decided to scroll through my MRI images, which I picked up (on a DVD) before leaving the hospital.  Most people see the first few snowflakes as the first sign of winter.  I had something much more exciting – I noticed a cute little pair of mittens at the back of my brain:

How cute are they?  Not too sure what to say about my Spock ears though….

Anyway, I started to have some regrets about leaving the IV line in, as it looked yucky and made me a little queasy:

Anyway, I showed up for my Tysabri IV the next day, only to find the nurse could not use the line in my arm.  It makes sense – if anything went wrong with the infusion, she would be to blame even though it wasn’t her line.  Oh well, we ripped that bad boy out and attempted a new IV in the other arm.  Unfortunately, the vein she put it into didn’t co-operate and that one had to be removed as well.  We ended up putting it in just above where the MRI IV was placed.  Three IV’s in two days – blah!  Oh well, the infusion went well.  After it was done, I drove over to Jack Astor’s and met up with some friends from work for dinner.  I was seriously craving a steak and so glad I ordered one:

Honestly, it was one of the best steaks I’ve ever had.  Needless to say, that plate went back into the kitchen totally clean.  So did this little dish of fries my friend split with us:

Great noms and company.

Back home that night, my sore arms and I climbed into bed.  Needless to say, I wasn’t alone as I had four little naked goobers join me:

It’s a king size bed but feels like a single….I wonder why?

Had another cute experience today.  A co-worker brought her new little chihuahua puppy in to work for a visit:

Here he is nomming my thumb:

Speaking of coworkers, one of mine saw these adorable plane earrings while she was out shopping the other week, and was kind enough to pick them up for me.  How sweet is that?

Since I’m having a bit of a rough time physically, all of the above mentioned things have really helped keep my spirits up.  As things don’t seem to be improving much, and have continued to get worse over the last year, it’s hard to keep positive sometimes.  I always feel worse physically when I get down emotionally, so I know how important it is to focus on the good things and keep smiling.  Easier said than done, but the effort is worth it.

Today’s symptoms:  My fatigue level wasn’t as bad as it was over the last week.  Still experiencing fluid retention issues, which are getting worse.  Hoping the test in a couple weeks will provide some answers.  Lots of aches and pains today in my arms (MS related, not from the IVs), plus a pretty bad headache.

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