Stinkola Weather

The airport was closed last week for the annual car testing on our wonderful runways.  Kinda sucked, since Thursday and Friday were great weather-wise.  Fortunately, I was able to go out for a flight before it was closed:

I took up someone who purchased (auction) one of the fights I donated to charity.  We of course flew over Niagara Falls.  There were a couple planes in the circuit that didn’t know the strict rules, such as having to be at an altitude of at least 3500 feet.  The one plane called and said he was at 3000 feet, and another one flew directly over us at 3700 feet.  he was high enough, but not flying in the right direction of the circuit:


Anyway, it was a nice flight before the weather started to turn poopy.  The Bridgestone tire thingie didn’t fair too well in the wind:

I was able to head back to the airport while the runways were closed.  I made a batch of fudge for the St. Catharines Flying Club and the tower folks.  They also requested Mya come back for another visit:

She was so cute and chatty the whole time.  Every time someone stood up, she would steal their chair.

Kinda neat to watch the cars racing around the runways.  At least it gave the tower folks something to look at for the week, since there were no planes a’flying:

While dropping off the fudge at the Flying Club, I was shown this adorable, recently caught mouse:

I really wanted to take him home….

Mind you, there is enough cuteness at my home.  I woke up to ninja Pinky this morning:

Then there was little Boo with her mouth slightly open:

Had an amusing incident happen at work on Friday.  I was sitting at my desk with my headphones on, listening to the tunes through my iPhone.  I normally have the ringer turned off at work, but figured it would be ok to have it on since the sound would go through the headphones.  My phone started ringing, so I just let it go through to voicemail, after about 7 rings.  A guy a couple seats down from my asked someone walking by if I was in my pod.  I asked what was up and he said he heard my phone ringing.  I said “You can hear it vibrating on the table from there?”  A couple people laughed and said it was ringing very loud.  One girl started imitating the ring.  Obviously, the ringer doesn’t go through the headphones!  Someone else came up to me an hour later and said he was dancing in his pod, thinking no one was around to see him.  He then noticed his Team Leader watching him from across the aisle.  He felt a tad silly.  Mind you, not as silly as I did.

Hoping the weather forecasters are wrong and the week turns out better than this:

At least Saturday looks decent, for now.

Today’s symptoms: Felt pretty good today.  Last week was really bad fatigue-wise.  Things started to improve by Friday.  Still experiencing quite a bit of bone-crushing pain in my limbs.  It can feel free to stop any time now!

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