Aerobatics Are Back!

Had another not-so-great week.  Lots of fatigue and pain.  It’s getting just a tad annoying!  I was only able to stay at work until around 1:00 on Friday, then home to spend the rest of the day in bed.  At least Boo and her siblings kept me company:


Today was quite a bit better.  I was even able to go for a flight in the early afternoon.  The weather wasn’t the best though.  I was supposed to take someone up this afternoon but we had to cancel.  It kinda looked like this:

Not a good day for a scenic flight.  I did have a passenger though.  A little ladybug was wedged down by the windshield on my dash – I figured she was dead.  She was all bleached from the sun.  However, a few minutes into my flight, she started walking toward me:

Kinda creepy.  Hope she enjoyed the flight!

On a very bright note, I put enough time on my two new cylinders and was given the all-clear by my mechanic to do aerobatics today.  What a blast!  I couldn’t stay up quite as long as I wanted to as the weather got too yucky.  I checked Vyctor’s belly after I landed – how many people get raindrops on the bottom of their plane?

The rain today caused a pretty nice rainbow.  I snapped a pic as it just started:

Back home, the kitties were in their favourite spots.  For Boo and Mya, that’s snuggled up together on the couch:

It still amazes me that they were the worst of enemies when they first met.  It was so bad, I thought there was no way they would ever get along.

I have a couple flights booked for tomorrow.  Not sure if I’ll have the energy for both – we’ll see.

Today’s symptoms: Felt much better than I did the previous week, but still crashed pretty bad after my flight.  Still dealing with more MS pain than usual….or maybe this is my new usual…


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