Oops – Blogless Week

It’s been a rather crazy week and I didn’t get a chance to do a blog until now.  On Tuesday, I had my new floor put down.  Jan arrived around 7:30 and the floor guys were there at 8:00.  There was a little mix-up with the scheduling, so they had to come and do the floor on a day I was a tad busy.  At 10:00, I had to be in Welland to give a presentation (the same one I did a couple months ago at the Sexsmith Airport).  That left Jan to watch the cats at the apartment.  I felt bad they were stuck in the spare bedroom while they did the floor out in the living room and kitchen:

At least my presentation went well – probably a little more excitement than Jan was experiencing.  I think there were around 45 people there.  The hall at the Legion was quite large.  I’m glad they got the mic hooked up for me:

And yes, more folks showed up….

Back home, the kitties were settling down, realizing that scampering around wasn’t going to get them out of the room.  I was surprised to see Mya, Pinky and Boo all snuggled up in the new cat bed I bought them.  Sorry Abby, no room for you!

Eventually Boo got booted out and only Mya and Pinky were left:

I had to leave again to go have my Tysabri infusion at 1:00.

They finished the floor after 7:30pm.  Jan and I were starving!  We ordered delivery through Swiss Chalet.  Man, food is amazing when you’re famished.

The next day, I got most of my furniture and items back into the apartment from the balcony:

I’ll take some pics of the new floor for my next blog.

Anyway, I felt pretty lousy throughout the rest of the week.  Friday, I had one of the worst pain days I’ve had in years.  It was unreal.  I had constant, bone crushing pain over my whole body, then I would get waves of even more intense pain.  Sometimes they were so bad, it caused me to gag!  So glad I feel much better today.  Pain is still worse than normal, but much more tolerable.

Since the weather was decent in the morning, I decided to go for a flight.  Snapped lots of pics.  This is the main street in Niagara-On-The-Lake.

There was lots of activity at Fort George.  They were doing the Battle of Queenston Heights re-enactment (200 year anniversary):

Here’s everyone at Queenston Heights (Brock Monument):

Passed a helicopter which was heading over to the Niagara Falls scenic circuit:

Lots of traffic on the Queenston-Lewiston Bridge:

The Fall colours are making their way out.  This is just downstream from Niagara Falls:

The power plant on the American side:

I headed down toward Fort Erie, then flew along the Lake Erie shoreline.

Windmill just West of Port Colborne:

And I always love flying over this old lighthouse off of the shore:

Then north up through Pelham.  Here is a shot of the huge mural at my old high school, E.L. Crossley:

It was a great flight.  I think I’ve put in five and a half hours of “normal” flying to break in my two new cylinders.  Only four and a half to go before I can do aerobatics again!

Back home, I still had a little energy so I did sixty-five minutes on my exercise bike.  I haven’t done any exercises in almost a month, so I really need to get crack-a-lackin again.

Tomorrow, I plan on heading down to Fonthill to visit Jan.  We have some shopping to do at the mall, then over to Zehrs for the week’s noms.

Today’s symptoms: A little more pain than normal, but it was constant without the waves of pain I experienced yesterday.  Quite tired now but I guess it was a rather long week plus I did lots today. 

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