Almost the Weekend!

I can’t believe yet another week has gone by and it’s almost Labour Day!  This summer has gone by so quick, but it’s still been great. 

Jan and I went to my neurologist appointment in Hamilton at McMaster Hospital earlier this week.  It reminded me of how much I hated the drive there and back, when I used to work there everyday for over a year.  I must admit, the traffic is much worse than it was about ten years ago when I had to do the drive.  Anyway, on the way home, we stopped at Swiss Chalet for dinner.  We both had the quarter chicken dinner – yummers!

As usual, Jan made a face of disgust as I poured ketchup all over my plate.

The other night, I inadvertently left the fish food lid off of the jar, while I went into the other room.  I heard the sound of the bottle knocked over and walked in to see this mess.  Gee, I wonder who the guilty party is?  Perhaps the kitty next to the night stand with the big glowing eyes?

Actually, I think it was Pinky who jumped up and knocked over the bottle.  They were both up there sniffing and licking the fish food though.  Dorks.

I took a couple hours vacation yesterday and went for a flight.  The weather was amazing!

I flew along the Lake Erie shoreline and over towards Buffalo.

I saw a few kids and adults over by this huge water toy shaped like a cat, just off of their pier:

They waved so I circled around and tipped my wings.

And over toward Buffalo:

Great flight.  If it wasn’t going to be so hot tomorrow (around 34 degrees) I would take some vacation and go for another flight.

When I got home, little stretchy Mya greeted me at the door:

I went over to the States the other night to buy some noms.  I almost changed check-out lines when I got behind this disturbing scene:

Really?  Is that soother necessary?  Ugh.

I can’t believe it’s Friday tomorrow.  It’s also the long weekend.  This summer went by so quickly but it was great – I did so much and flew more than ever.  Life is great!

Today’s symptoms:  Just dealing with some bone crushing pains in my left arm today, plus a mild headache.  Nothing to write home about though.

Posted by Lizzy McFly at 8/30/2012 7:04 PM

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