What A Gift!

The weather was in our favour today and I was able to take someone up for a flight.  He is currently a student at the St. Catharines Flying Club, getting quite close to taking his flight exam.  He wanted to go up for some aerobatics.  You don’t have to ask me twice!  We met just before 9:00am.  At the same time, the kid and his grandfather (mentioned in yesterday’s blog) also arrived.  I gave him a little wooden airplane and told them to enjoy the show.  I was a little shocked when my amazing Bose A20 headset wasn’t working.  My co-pilot said he could hear me, but I couldn’t hear him or the tower.  Fortunately, I had an extra headset in the back.  It worked fine.  Ugh, that headset isn’t too old either.  Anyway, we headed up over the field around 4000′ and went through some maneuvers.  I love it when my passenger doesn’t even wait until the maneuver is over before starting to say “This is awesome!’  I love it!”  Music to my ears.  We did quite a few actually, before I did a spin to lose 1000′ feet or so.  He loved the rather hard-core spin so much that he asked we go back up and do another.  Not a problem.  Down we went again.  He liked my aggressive side-slip over-head the field to lose another 500′ or so.  The flight was a blast – nothing pleases me more than having a passenger have the flight of their life!  It truly is a gift I get to give people and I’m so thankful.  Unfortunately, my two observers weren’t there when I landed, so I have no idea how much of the show they watched. 

After having a coffee at the airport, I headed out to do some errands.  I had a few returns to make, plus took advantage of the “Spend $50, get $25 off your next visit” at Petcetera.  One medium sized bag of Royal Canin Sphynx food is $59.99, so spending that $50 minimum was quite easy.

Back home, some nasty symptoms took hold, so it was nice to be home to rest and relax.  The kitties did the same – here’s Mya and Boo out on the balcony:

I phoned up Bose to ask if they had any suggestions about my headset.  Not only are their products amazing, but so is there customer service – wow!  The rep I spoke with was so nice and easy to speak with.  He knew what the problem was right away and immediately started working on the solution.  He sent out a new cable right away as well as a mailing label to send mine back with.  We even chatted about hockey and the joys of living in/near Detroit.  No wonder I love Bose so much!  Products cost a bit more but worth every single penny.

Today’s symptoms:  Felt great this morning.  Fatigue level is still more than tolerable this afternoon.  Started getting the MS Hug again, as well as extremely sensitive skin on my thighs – feels like they’re covered with acid.  Not pleasant at all.  Things will be better tomorrow.

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