Resting Up

Having a great week thus far.  I took up a guy from the Flying Club for an aerobatic flight on Monday.  He loved it!  For me, that’s the best part of being a pilot (especially an aerobatic one).  Since I headed out to the airport in the morning, I drove to work that day.  Not something I typically like to do since the rate doubled a couple years ago to $8.00 a day.  Mind you, I would have had to drive anyway because my sprained ankle is still, well, sprained.  Anyway, on the way home, I almost got into a head-on collision.  I was turning left from a side street and there was a dork coming out of the parking lot across from me.  I guess he figured since he was going straight and I was going left, that he had the right of way (despite the fact he was coming out of a parking lot – hello!)  Anyway, it happened so fast, I can’t completely remember if I gunned it to get out of his way or I slammed on my brakes.  I had to stop a car length away due to the traffic lined up for the red light.  It was extremely close.  I would include what I yelled at him but I would like to consider this a family-friendly blog.  The timing was ironic because I just spoke with an OPP officer in the morning.  The guy who was charged with careless driving when he hit my car (over $2000 in damages) and took off, has his court date in October.  If it was going to be in St. Catharines, I probably would have gone, but I really don’t want to take time off of work to drive to Niagara Falls.  I asked the officer if I attended, could I bring a group of friends and we could all heckle him from the back of the court room.  The officer strongly advised against it (party pooper!)

Yesterday, I was informed that I had made a grievous error in my previous blog.  I indicated that the social event at the Flying Club was on Friday, when it’s acutally on Saturday.  The “informer” indicated that due to the enormity of my miscommunication to my bloggers, he may never forgive me.  Also, I ruined everything – EVERYTHING!  They’re considering cancelling the event and even shutting down the Flying Club.  I’m such a failure.  *** lowers head in shame ***

Despite it being the hottest day of the year (around 35 degrees), I’m too cheap to put on my air conditioner.  Actually, with my apartment windows shut, the curtains closed, fans going and the dehumidifier on all day, it’s not too bad in here.  I’m still conscious, anyways.  After having my dinner noms, I decided to refill my month supply of meds and supplements.  Fortunately, I had two kitties to help:

I’m really looking forward to my flight over the Wise Guys golf tourney tomorrow.  Hopefully the weather is a tad cooler.  I don’t think I could have flown in today’s heat – it was like a kick in the face as soon as you walked outside.

Today’s symptoms:  Unfortunately, today was a fairly bad day.  Tons of pain all over, experienced the MS Hug, and lots o’ fatigue.  Can’t wait to wake up tomorrow feeling much better!

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