Crazy Cats

I can’t believe I took the whole week off work to recover from my surgery.  I’m glad I did though, as it seems to be taking fairly long to get my strength back.  Today has been decent though!

I’ve been thoroughly entertained by my whack-job cats over the past week.  I just took some pics of this little brawl between Boo and Pinky.  Mya appears to be the ref.  “Pinky, what are you doing?”

Looking back at her target and getting ready to pounce:

“Guys, knock it off and grow up!”


Whenever I go out on the balcony and tap on the glass, Abby jumps up on the ledge (inside) and meows like crazy.  She’s so weird:

I guess I shouldn’t be calling them weird, considering what I did the other day.  I decided to make a pot of coffee.  I was so excited when I heard the machine shut off.  I bounded into the kitchen, only to see this:

Yes, I forgot to add coffee to the machine.  Duh!

After all of Boo’s craziness, she collapsed into a cute, sleeping heap, next to me on the couch.  Really doesn’t look too comfy:

I don’t know what I would have done without them during my recovery.  They certainly kept me company and entertained!

Today’s symptoms:  Feeling pretty good today!  It’s the first day I have not had any blood on my face when I woke up!  Things seem to be healing really well after my sinus and septum surgery last week. 

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