Still Recovering

I woke up not quite as congested today.  There was also less blood streaked down the lower half of my face!  I still start bleeding again when I’m sitting up or standing for more than ten minutes.  This is a bit of a bummer because I would love to go back to work either tomorrow or Thursday.  Oh, the swelling is still there too.  This is what I look like:

I’ve learned that frozen veggies rather than ice cubes feel much better on the face, as they’re not quite so sharp.  As you can see, I painted my nails during my hours of boredom.  Here’s a better view of the funky Mosaic Top Coat (Avon):

Gee, looks like I was a little sloppy on my middle finger.  Oh well.

At least I’m a little more awake today so I’ve been doing a bit of reading.  I also phoned the surgeon’s office to book my follow-up appointment.  The first date and time she offered me was perfect – during the afternoon of my day off.  I have my Tysabri infusion that morning.  I hope he doesn’t stick that big camera thing up my sore schnozzola again!  I’ll just tell him to use his imagination instead.

My kitties are still keeping me company, which has been very comforting.  Makes it a little hard to view my computer while it’s on my lap though:

Today’s symptoms:  Not really feeling any MS symptoms today.  Not sure how much of my headache is from the surgery, and how much MS.  I’m assuming it’s mostly from the surgery though.  Fatigue level is a little better today.  Tomorrow will be even better!

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