Good news – I survived my sinus and septum surgery!  My mother met me at my apartment around 8:00am on Friday, and we headed over to the St. Catharines General Hospital around 8:15.  I was surprised that I wasn’t nervous at all, but figured I would be once I checked in.  We headed up to the fourth floor and were taken up to the fifth floor about 25 minutes later.  The nurse handed me a sexy gown to wear, along with some booties and hair net thing.  Due to all of the cutbacks, they do things a little differently now.  In order to maximize their beds, they actually remove your head and just take that into the operating room, along with a couple other heads.  This is me after mine was removed:

Ok, not really.  I just didn’t want y’all to see me with the dorky hair net hat thingie on.

I have to admit – the nurses there were all so nice!  It shouldn’t be surprising to hear that I was joking around the whole time, even when I got up on the operating table.  One of the nurses in the operating room saw me come in and said “Here comes the comedian!”

I think the surgery was only 45 minutes or so.  As usual, when I came out of the anesthetic, I shook like crazy.  The nurse brought me freshly heated blankets and that seemed to do the trick.  The thing I found frustrating when I came to was the fact that I couldn’t swallow.  I guess my throat was still a tad frozen.  I kept coughing and clearing my throat to try and get the feeling back.  It took quite some time before I could swallow again.  Before being taken down to the day surgery recovery room, Betty, who brought my mother and I up to the fifth floor, walked into the room.  I yelled “Hi Betty!” and gave her a big wave.  She came over and asked how I was doing.  I was great, since I was still drugged.  They brought me down to the fourth floor.  Soon after parking my bed, a nurse was walking in my direction and caught her toe on a medical cart.  Ugh!  I yelled “Oh no!” as she went down to the ground.  It was horrible to watch.  I don’t think she was hurt though.  Soon after, another nurse walked in at the opposite end of the room.  Someone said “Heather is here” so I yelled “Hello Heather!” and waved.  I’m such a whack job.  My nurse asked me about my pain and I said it was about a 7 out of 10.  She got me a couple Arrowroot crackers to go with the Tylenol 3.  They were delicious, as I was SO hungry.  About thirty minutes later she asked what my pain level was and I said 3.7 – yes, I tend to be a little too accurate sometimes.  I told the nurse that I really needed to use the washroom, so she helped me and my IV bag off of the bed.  I can’t believe I did this – I know I wasn’t supposed to bend over.  However, in public washrooms, I always hover.  This caused me to be bent over and the blood just came flying out of my schnoz.  After finishing, I opened the bathroom door and said “Cleanup in aisle 8!”  I felt really bad as I made a pretty big mess.  The nurse brought me back over to the bed and I rested for another twenty minutes or so before she phoned me mother to come get me.  My nurse was so nice and kind – I told her if I had any money, I would give her a tip.  My mother met us at the back of the hospital and we drove the five minutes back to my apartment.

Back home, everything was fine for the first few hours.  Then the drugs and freezing wore off.  Ouch!  Mind you, the pain in my head wasn’t as bad as the worse sinus headaches I’ve ever had.  There was just a fair amount of pressure and the inside of my nose felt beat up, like someone opened a can of whoopass on it!  My mother and I just sat and watched TV.  She helped me make a massive bowl of cereal while she heated her pizza.  I was really surprised that I wasn’t nauseous at all.  The only thing I didn’t expect was the pain in my teeth.  Mind you, I’ve heard many people say that sinus infections causes pain in their teeth.

I probably shouldn’t have taken those three Tylenol 3′s throughout the day, as the caffeine in them kept me up most of the night.  Well, plus the fact that I had to lay on my back at a 30 degree angle (not overly comfortable).  Jan and I watched a few episodes of Will & Grace in the morning, then she headed back home.  I was so appreciative for her being there for me – thanks Jan!

I’ve spent the last three days just resting and trying to deal with the pain and discomfort.  I think it’s a bit better today!  Fortunately, my little goobers have been keeping me company:

You can see Pinky’s little ear at the top of the photo.

Abby was licking her paw….

…then fell asleep:

She’s so cute!

My face is a tad swollen.  Ice packs seem to help a bit.  No bruising, at least.

I think I’ll attempt to get caught up on my emails tomorrow.  I haven’t been able to yet as I keep falling asleep.  Not getting too much reading done either.

Today’s symptoms: Sore, achy, tired, blah….Not too sure how many MS symptoms I’m experiencing though.

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