Day Before Surgery

For some reason, I was more nervous about the surgery yesterday than I am today.  Maybe it’s because I haven’t slept well over the last few nights and am too tired to be really nervous.  I just can’t wait until it’s over with and I get through a few days of recovery!  At least I’ll have my wonderful children with me.  What could be more comforting than opening your eyes to this:

Ok, maybe that’s a bad example!  Oh, she’s still cute.

My mother and I went to the chiropractor yesterday.  The car dealership next door had this rather amusing sign posted:

Tee hee!

I noticed my website hit 11,000 hits the other day!  Yea!

Thanks, everyone!

I’ll post about the surgery as soon as I can.  Stay tuned.

Today’s symptoms: A little more tired than usual today, since I haven’t been sleeping well over the last few days.  Just a few sharp pains here and there, but nothing major.

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