Heat Blahs

You know what’s embarrassing? When a TV commercial mentions a new medication, doesn’t state what it’s for, then says “Ask your doctor about it.” Do you know how many times I’ve made a doctor appointment and asked her about a specific medication, and she replies “Liz, that’s for erectile dysfunction.” Hello! The commercial told me to ask my doctor about it! Geesh, be more specific. Mind you, they don’t have time to say what the drug is for since 27 out of the 30 seconds of the commercial is about potential side effects.

Anyway, it was a very warm, yucky day today.  The temperature at the office was a tad too toasty for me, and I ended up going home just after noon.  After dropping off my stuff upstairs, I went back down and loaded up my window air conditioner and dehumidifier on a cart.  I had the curtains and windows closed, so my apartment actually wasn’t too bad.  I put the AC in the living room, but still have not turned it on.  I have the fan going and it’s not too bad – much cooler than the office!  I have a heat intolerance, as most people with MS have, so I’m hopeful this summer doesn’t have too many days like today. 

Lately I’ve noticed that most of Boo’s pipe cleaners (her favourite toy) have gone AWOL.  I checked under the fridge and found four.  I pulled the oven cabinet out and saw this little surprise:

Actually, it’s not really surprising as I go through this every few months.  She’s so weird.

Another not surprising cat moment was Mya sprawled out in the sun:

Pinky flopped over too, soon after I took this pic.  I only allow them out in the sun after 4:00 when it’s not quite so intense.  I certainly don’t want lobster kitties.  They’re weird enough as it is!

For some reason, I’ve been really weak over the last week.  I’m usually ok in the morning, then I crash hard by the afternoon.  This is the fourth day in a week that I’ve had to crawl onto the bed and sleep for an hour or so.  Mind you, I wake up feeling just as poorly.  I don’t think that’s fair!

Only a few more days until my joyous sinus and septum surgery!  Oh boy!  I can’t wait!

Today’s symptoms:  Very weak and fatigued today.  Also, I had some crushing pains in my left foot.  Fortunately, it only lasted for about an hour.  Tomorrow will be better!

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