Duck Race!

Man, this weekend flew by pretty quickly.  It was good though.  I was able to go for a flight yesterday.  Took the Chief Flight Instructor of the St. Catharines Flying Club up for some aerobatics.  He enjoyed it and hopes to go up again.  Today was the Kiwanis Duck Race, which I volunteered to fly over and take pictures.  They were supposed to start at 2:00, but it was closer to 2:15 before they dropped the ducks from the sea container attached to a crane.  It was quite neat to see – just a big blob of yellow duckies:

They quickly headed out toward Lake Ontario:

It was a decent turn-out, as folks cheered on the ducks over to the finish line:

It seemed to only take a few minutes for the first blob of ducks to cross the finish line.  How they tell who was first is beyond me!

Congrats to the winners!  Now I just have to wait for someone from Kiwanis to contact me so I know where to send the pics.

My afternoons haven’t been too good over the last few days.  Someone had to drive me home from work early on Friday, because I was so weak.  After my flight yesterday, I was hit with the same weakness and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening in bed.  Starting to go downhill now today too.  Hmmm….must just be stressed about my upcoming surgery.  Something like that.

When I woke up this morning, I noticed that Boo and Mya were sitting side by side.  I said to them “Boo, you guys are buddies, aren’t you?”  At that point, Boo looked back at me, then put her paw around Mya’s back.  How cute is this:

And to think they were the worst of enemies when I first brought Boo and Pinky home.  Glad things turned around for the better.

Today’s symptoms:  Felt great this morning and early into the afternoon.  Starting to get a little weak and tired now, but it isn’t as bad as the last two days.  Must have just been a biological slip.

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