1st Trip To Lindsay Airport

There was a fly-in at Lindsay Airport today, which is in or near Kawartha Lakes.  I decided to head out before 9:00 this morning. 

A tow-plane with a glider was heading up to Trenton, soon after I took off:

No issues heading through Toronto Airspace, other than the Tower warning me of oncoming traffic.  Fortunately, I spotted him right away:

He passed to my right with no issues:

I came fairly close to the CN Tower.  I wish it wasn’t quite so smoggy/foggy:

The Island Airport off to my right:

Here’s some funky, window-saturated building, with a pool.  Excuse me – Geesh!

Passing by this lake before landing at Lindsay:

I followed a couple planes in to land at Lindsay.  I think quite a few more people drove rather than flew.  As usual, I had one of the cutest planes there:

Once there, I wasn’t planning on staying there too long – just long enough to pick up a bunch of their “World Famous Butter Tarts.”  I purchased three then phoned my mother.  She informed me that she would like lots.  Therefore, I bought three more.  Geesh again!

Heading back to my plane, I was relieved to see Vyctor was still the cutest plane in the lineup:

Even with a rubber chicken hanging off his pitot static tube.  What a classy dude.

A Tiger Moth passed me while on the taxiway:

Actually, I passed three other aircraft taxiing in while I was heading out to the runway.  I pulled to the side for each of them and waved.  No one returned the favour or even provided an acknowledgement.  Whatever – just a sign of the times, I guess!

Taking off from runway 13:

Back over Lake Scugog:

And back through smoggy ol’ Toronto:

Lots of sailboats on the Lake:

Once back in St. Catharines, I bid Vyctor adieu and then headed to Fonthill to drop off the tarts.  It was a great day, for the most part!

Today’s symptoms:  Felt great all morning and into the afternoon.  As usual, the flight pooped me out.  Still dealing with a nasty sinus headache too.  Only a couple weeks until my surgery – paws crossed that it helps!

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