It was a decent week.  Monday was World MS Day and there was a large meeting with the MS Society at a hotel in Niagara Falls.  To show support for the day, they were to light up Niagara Falls red.  I thought it would be nice to fly over and get some pictures of the Falls lit up.  I took off just as the sun was setting:

I flew over Jan’s house and she went out on the balcony (in her nightgown!) to wave at me:

Lookin’ cute, Jan.  Nice slippers.

I phoned the Niagara Chapter of the MS Society earlier in the day, to find out when the Falls would be lit up.  They were told 8:45.  Well, here’s what the Falls looked like at 8:50:

Doesn’t look too red to me.  Here’s a shot almost 20 minutes later:

Let’s see – that appears to be mostly green.  What the heck?  I phoned the MS Society the next day and they couldn’t believe it either.  They were all standing there in the conference room of the hotel, watching for the lights to change to red.  It never happened.  It was advertised and everything.  I’m still waiting to hear back regarding why the Falls wasn’t lit.  Ugh.  At least it was still a nice flight.

I was supposed to go for another flight yesterday.  It was to fly over a charity golf tournament.  Unfortunately, the weather was really bad, so the flight didn’t happen.  I must have checked the weather at least 30 times that morning, plus two calls to London Flight Services for weather reports.  Things just got worse as the day went on.  There were even urgent reports from large passenger jet pilots in Toronto, stating there was pretty severe turbulence in the area.  I was so bummed to be grounded that day.

Today’s symptoms: Felt pretty good, although a little more fatigued than normal since the time I got up this morning.  Still dealing with a worsening sinus issue.  I’ll be glad to have my sinus and septum surgery later this month.

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