Turtle Saved

I was looking forward today as I was taking up a friend for a flight this morning.  I headed out to the airport just after 8:00.  I was almost there when I had to stop, turn around, stop my car in the middle of the road with my hazards on.  There was a fairly large snapping turtle in the middle of the road. Anyone who knows me knows that I can’t even hurt a fly, so it was just a natural reflex to stop my car in the middle of the road to block traffic.  Here’s a shot of Lloyd the Turtle as I bent down to pick him up:

He was a rather big dude with a whole lot of pond slime hanging off him.  As I bent down to pick him up (to save his life) the large cube van behind me passed my car on the left and came within a couple feet of my head.  Gee, how impressive!  Another jerk laid on his horn and gave me the finger while he passed my car.  At this point, I had the large snapping turtle in my hands.  I was totally shocked.  I’ve know for quite some time that humanity is pretty messed up, but seriously!?!  You would have had to wait less than a minute for me to cross the street, put the turtle down, get back in my car and drive away.  No, you’re way too big and important for that!  He’s the type that probably would have swerved to hit the turtle if he saw him crossing the road.  Jerk.

Despite the losers that have to get to where they’re going to do nothing as quickly as possible, I was still able to save little Lloyd.  Here he is after I set him down in a field across the road:

I told him that it was a pleasure doing business with him and that I’m glad I was there to save his life.  His response:

Dude was either ticked off beyond belief or screaming words of gratitude!  I shall never know.

So, I get to the airport, do the walk-around of my adorable plane, and my passenger arrives.  She has taken flying lessons in the past but has not been up for quite some time.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t the most clear day for a sight-seeing flight.  We headed over Niagara Falls, a slow flight back toward downtown St. Catharines, then we did a few aerobatic maneuvers.  She seemed to have a great time!  She took this shot of my wonderful plane (and his goofy owner):

Going for a flight is such a great way to start the day!  Mind you, for the second day in a row, I was woken up before 6:00am from dozens of screaming seagulls.  Why, you ask?  I live next to Community Care, which I have nothing but the upmost respect for.  I have made a couple donations of noms over the last two years.  Anyway, they must have received a donation of bread, which went stale.  Since they are into giving, they decided to give the stale bread to the birds.  There were tons of rolls and loaves of bread, thrown about their parking lot, which is right next to my apartment building.  Here’s what it looked like:

Yea, that’s a lot of bread.  Who likes bread? Seagulls!  For the last two mornings, the seagulls have been dining on said bread.  Why do you have to scream when you eat?  Whatever.  I decided to let Community Care know, in a very nice way, what our apartment building has been listening to for the last couple of days.  Last night, once it was dark, I wandered over to their office and stuck this note to their door:

The next morning when I went outside, the note was still on the door.  After my flight, I drove to my apartment to drop off my car before walking to work.  I was shocked when I looked out into their parking lot and noticed all of the bread was gone.  When I walked by the office, my letter was also gone.  Success!  If you see any grossly obese seagulls in St. Catharines, you now know why.

Just after noon today, I met up with my friend and we went out to lunch at a nearby sushi place.  It was so nice to see her and get caught up.  Good company, good natter, and good noms!  Even Donkey enjoyed the crab rolls:

What a great day!

Today’s symptoms:  I’m happy to say there’s not too much to report!  My skin is still slightly over-sensitive, but it’s getting better each day.  I’m pooped out, but it’s been a long but fun day – somewhat draining for a little MS personage like myself.

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