Breakfast in London

I got up bright and early this morning so I could head to the airport and fly to London.  The clouds were high and the wind calm – perfect for a leisurely flight.  I flew directly over the Hamilton Airport, which was quite busy today:

Once I was just beyond Hamilton, I noticed that I was going to arrive in London much sooner than our scheduled 10:00 time.  I slowed down quite a bit, which helped a little.  I texted my friend when I was about fifteen minutes away.  I came into London so slow, the tower probably thought I was a glider:

Flying into London is so scenic:

After landing, I visited the little pilot’s room, then took a seat in the restaurant.  My friend arrive a couple minutes after I sat down.  We had a really nice visit, with yum-o food:

I wasn’t able to eat my toast and I considered bringing my tomato to Mike at the Flying Club, since he really enjoy the two tomatoes I gave him last week.  As you can see, Donkey was reunited with my friend, as he was with me in Ottawa for the training.

After chatting and eating, we headed outside so I could introduce her to Vyctor.  He’s so cute:

Back in the saddle to head back to St. Catharines.

Here we are after doing a loop:


Landing (with the help of Donkey) in St. Catharines:

While I was in the air, I called Rapid City Cycle here in St. Catharines and asked them if I could bring my folding bike in, as the tire is flat.  I had a friend come over yesterday and apply a patch, but it was flat again when I got home.  So, I loaded up my bike in Lola Corolla and drove a few blocks away to the bike shop.  Poor bike with his rear tire amputated:

They replaced the tube – very quickly and for a pretty good price!  The guy who did the work took it for a test drive around the store.  I laughed at him, since everyone always laughs at me when I ride it.

Today’s symptoms: Feeling great!  I’m a tad pooped after my flight today, but I’m always tired after I fly.  Still having the super-sensitive skin.  When this symptom flares up, it usually lasts for at least a few days, and sometime a couple weeks.

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