Kitty Flop

I haven’t been enjoying this heat we’ve been having.  Like most people with MS, I have a heat intolerance.  On a bright note, the kitties sure have been enjoying it!  I only let them out on the balcony after 5:00, once the sun isn’t as intense.  Pinky strikes this pose within about 30 seconds of walking outside:

What a goober.

I got my friend this snail for her garden.  I always tell her about when I stop to pick the snails up off the sidewalk and put them in the grass, while I’m walking to work.  Thought she could be inspired by my good deeds when she looks at her new ornament:

I think rather than be inspired, she’s more convinced what a complete nut-job I am.  Oh well, she picked me as a friend!

Had a nice day at work.  I got a lot done in the morning, then headed down to Fort Erie to pick up a computer from a teleworker in the afternoon.  It was nice to see him as he isn’t able to come int0 the office too often.  I will be going back there on Tuesday with his new computer and to train him on Windows 7 and Office 2010.  The traffic down that way was much more heavy than normal – must be due to the US long weekend coming up.

I should have some nice pics for tomorrow’s blog.  I’m flying down to London, Ontario to meet up with a friend from the training I just took in Ottawa.  I haven’t flown into London for a few years.  Should take about an hour.  I’m planning on landing just before 10:00 to meet up with her.  We’re going to have breakkies at the restaurant at the airport – the Katana Cafe and Grill.  Of course, Donkey will be joining me, since he was with me during the training in Ottawa.  Boo won’t be joining us though – I don’t have a headset big enough for her massive ears:

Today’s symptoms: My energy level was actually decent!  It’s been pretty bad all week due to a bladder infection.  The only symptom I had today was the skin on my right upper arm and left thigh was super sensitive.

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