I Can’t Stop Flying!

The weather has been amazing and I’ve flown each of the last three days.  Yesterday, I took up a woman my friend from work donated her flight to.  She won it when I drew her name from the MS pledges.  When I saw it was her name, I was quite certain she would not want to go up.  So, she gave the flight to the mother of her neighbour.  We met at the airport just before 9:00.  She loved the flight!  We headed over Niagara Falls, then over her house on the East border of Welland.  She said she would love to go again sometime.  I’ll have to tell my friend at work who gave up the flight that she missed a great time!

After my flight, I drove over to Lil’ Jan’s for our weekly visit.  After I got back home, I did my daily exercises (about an hour on my exercise bike) then chilled out for the rest of the evening.  I was hoping to go flying again, just around Niagara to check out the Victoria Day fireworks.  Unfortunately, I was too pooped.  I instead made myself this gourmet grilled cheese sandwich and watched the fireworks from my apartment:

I don’t have  a toaster oven and didn’t feel like dirtying a frying pan, so turning my toaster on its side seemed to do the trick!

I’m almost glad I didn’t fly over the festivities last night, as there were no big firework shows, just small ones:

Yet another perfect day today so just after lunch, I headed back to the airport for the third day in a row.  My mother and I realized that she didn’t get her two tomatoes she bought yesterday, as they rolled out of the bag in my trunk.  I don’t eat tomatoes so decided I would either have to drive them out to her house or donate to someone.  I chose option two.  Mike at the Flying Club was unbelievably ecstatic when I gave him this wonderful gift:

Yup, his life is now complete.

After making Mike’s dreams come true with the tomatoes, I cranked up my plane and headed over my mother’s house.  I gave her a call and she wandered out to her driveway for a photo op:

After a tour of Fonthill, I headed out to the Lake Erie shoreline, to see how many folks were out, enjoying the nice weather:

I’m really relieved I didn’t inadvertently fly over a nudest beach…

Hi, dudes:

Almost out to Fort Erie, the beaches were still pretty packed:

Again everyone, I would just like to thank you for not being naked!

Today’s symptoms: Feeling great!  I’m sure if I went for a flight last night, I would be very fatigued today.  Glad I listened to my bod when it said “Ok, you’re done for the day!”  I should really do that more often…

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