Dead Stick

What an awesome day!  When I went up with my flight instructor a few days ago, I introduced him to his first full-out aerobatic flight.  Well, as full-out as you can get in an Aerobat!  He loved it!  He couldn’t believe that shy little me turned out to be a fan of aerobatics.  He was able to return the favour by showing me what it’s like to shut off the engine during flight.  It was amazing.  The plane descended only about 600 feet per minute.  It was a very gentle glide for less than 1500 feet.  It was a great experience and an amazing lesson.  We did this twice while overhead the airport, and the plane started with no problems both times. 

This morning, I decided to take advantage of the great weather and headed out to the airport again. I headed over Jan’s house and tried to get a picture of her washing her car.  I had a hard time getting her in the picture, but I think you can see her waving at me in this one, just behind the trees:

Isn’t she cute?  So smiley.

After snapping this joyous pic, I headed over to Port Colborne, then East along the Lake Erie shoreline.  There were plenty of folks out boating today.

A couple of boaters waved their paddles at me while I flew over so I rocked my wings back at them.

When I came back to land, I decided to do a couple touch and goes.  Then I decided to put my newly learned “skill” of shutting off the engine and turning it back on to use.  After a couple of normal touch and goes, I did four or five dead stick landings.  I shut the engine down on the downwind leg of the circuit.  The propeller looked a little something like this:

And here’s the runway:

If you go to my videos page, the first video on the list is the engine shutting down and the dead stick landing.  They all went very well and it was a great experience!

I think after I got back home today, I could have really used a drink of this wonderful new vodka I found.  There aren’t too many things I love more than cake.  Look, now I can have my cake and drink it too!

Notice little Pinky sitting outside in the upper left hand corner of the shot.  Goober.

Today’s symptoms: Feeling so much better today than I did yesterday.  At work on Friday, I could hardly stay awake!  I couldn’t believe I made it through till then end of my work day.

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