Breakfast In Tillsonburg

I phoned up my mother just after 8:00 this morning and asked if she wanted to join me on a flight to Tillsonburg for breakfast.  After reassuring her about 17,000 times that it wasn’t very windy out, she said she would go and met me at my apartment.

Since the weather was nice, the Air Cadets were out in their gliders.  We also had the pleasure of seeing a Canadian-Forces De-Havilland:

They picked up some more folks and took off just before we did:

We tried to catch up to it, but were slightly out-powered.

This was Jan’s first flight to Tillsonburg.  We tried to go during our last flight but I radioed the terminal and was told the restaurant wasn’t open yet.  As we descended, it started to get a little bumpy, which Jan has no tolerance for.  I think I entered the circuit at about 120 mph.  I was glad to be down, knowing my wussy mother was getting stressed.  You can see a couple yellow Harvards in the distance:

While we were eating, astronaut Bjarni Tryggvason was just landing in his Pitts after doing some aerobatics.  He recognized me when he walked into the restaurant.  You know you’ve made it in life when you’re recognized by an astronaut!  Tee hee!  I introduced him to Lil’ Jan and we chatted for a bit.  He was a guest speaker at one of our Recreational Aircraft Association meetings, back when I just joined about four years ago.  It was one of the best meetings ever.

Here’s a shot of one of the Harvards coming back to the ramp:

After Jan and I finished our yummy breakfast of French toast and home fries, we headed back to St. Catharines.  She loves the water so on the way back, I headed south and then east along the Lake Erie shoreline.  Jan snapped a few pics on the way.  I think this one is either a covered tobacco or ginseng farm:

This is Port Dover.  I hardly recognized it without the thousands of bikers normally there when I fly over on Friday the 13th:

It was a really nice flight and Jan was impressed with the airport and restaurant.  Just like at St. Catharines, they have an aviation fuel loyalty discount program – kinda nice to get a little break with the rising costs!

Today’s symptoms:  Felt great all morning and into the early afternoon!  Lots o’ energy and no real symptoms.  Mind you, I think I did too much today.  After the flight, I came home and spent almost four hours cleaning my carpets.  A wee bit pooped and achy now. 

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