Elizabatics x 2

Had a rather busy night on Friday.  Little Abby had a vet appointment for 7:10pm, to get her first B12 injections.  They were a little behind schedule and didn’t get in to see us until almost 7:45.  Abby was quite patient though:

She actually started to fall asleep in my arms at one point.  Before leaving for the vet, I started making a couple batches of fudge for the Air Force Association craft sale on Saturday morning.  Once I returned from the vet, I started packaging the fudge until it struck me that I didn’t make enough.  So, I made a third batch.  I think I finally packaged up all of the ELIZAFUDGE around 10:30pm.

I headed to the Legion in Fonthill just after 8:15 this morning.  I stopped off at Jan’s first and we drove our own cars to the Legion.  After dropping off the fudge, we headed over to the nearby Tim Hortons. We actually stuck around for about an hour and a half, before I had to leave for the airport.

The weather was perfect today, which was great news for both of my passengers for flights today.  I took up my Team Leader’s husband again, as he had such a blast during our last flight.  We went up to 3500 feet over the airport and did a slew of loops, rolls, snap rolls and combos.  Then we went over Niagara Falls to check out the amazing sites.  Silly me, didn’t pull out my camera to take some pics.  Perhaps one of today’s passengers can send me some….hint, hint…..  After a couple circuits over the Falls, we went back to the airport and did some more aerobatics.  He said he wasn’t feeling even remotely sick, so I really let loose with the Elizabatics – that’s when I do a bunch of maneuvers together, kinda like freestyling.  After landing, I picked up my second passenger – my Team Leader’s son.  After climbing up overhead the field, I explained each maneuver I was going to do and what to expect.  He seemed to love it!  We headed over to Niagara Falls as well, then over to my aviation mechanic’s grass strip to do a low and over.  Back to the airport and I let loose with the aerobatics again.  What a blast!  There’s nothing I love more than giving people such a fun and memorable experience.

Soon after I got home from the airport, I realized how physically and mentally draining aerobatics are – I was pooped!  I just did some things around the apartment and chilled with the kitties.

Mya and Abby:

Pinky out sunning:


Just received my copy of COPA (Canadian Owners and Pilots Association) magazine.  It was quite nice of them to include this:

Before going up for my first flight this morning, one of the FSS folks in the tower came on the radio and mentioned they saw my pic in COPA and congratulated me on the award.  They’re so nice!

Today’s symptoms:  Almost no symptoms today (wow!) except for typical tiredness (not fatigue) after my flights.  I have my fingers crossed I will feel this good tomorrow.

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