Retail Therapy

It’s been a crazy week trying to get caught up on my accounts at work, after being away last week.  Getting there though!

It was my day off today.  I had to go to the States to bring my GoPro camera back.  It stopped working during my last flight.  Fortunately, I just had to mail them (California) the little camera, and not the battery, housing and accessories.  Therefore, it was only $12 to mail (with tracking).  Hopefully it won’t take too long to get back.

Jan joined me today, and we decided to hit TOPS for some groceries.  I think we spent less than $50, but got a few items that aren’t available here.  I also stopped and fueled up Lola Corolla.

As I’ve been a bit down lately (too much going on!) I decided that a little retail therapy might help to pick up my mood.  What do most women buy when they’re feeling down?  No, not shoes – a vacuum!  I’ve had the same Bissell vacuum for about five years now and it works great.  One little problem though – for the last couple of weeks, it’s been emitting this high pitched screaming sound.  Rather annoying and I’m sure not too appreciated by my apartment neighbours.  Since I love to vacuum and do it almost every day, I figured I would splurge and get a really good one.  My life is now complete – I have a Dyson vacuum!

I phoned Future Shop to check their prices and was told they had one on clearance, as it’s a discontinued model.  Saved over $100, plus they threw in an accessory pack with a bunch of different attachments (valued at $100).  When I got it home and took it for a test drive, I was rather disappointed in the suction.  Not nearly as good as I thought it would be.  I fiddled around with it for a while then noticed there was a part on the bottom that wasn’t attached properly.  I snapped the part into place and cranked up the machine again.  Holy cow – I put my hand over the hose and was instantly given a massive hickey!  The suction is amazing – perhaps a little too good as I am now missing a kitty.  Since I vacuum almost every day, I didn’t think I would see too much dirt in the canister.  I was shocked to see how much there was.  I would like to formally apologize to everyone who has ever been in my apartment, apparently overwhelmed with filth and squalor.  It’s clean now!

Since the weather is so nice, I have all of the windows open.  Little Pinkster is just chillin’ in the workout room:

Abby found a sunny spot and struck this pose:

I accidentally left the closet door open and somehow Boo managed to climb into a basket I had up on the shelf.  It’s pulled out for this picture – I honestly have no idea how she managed to get into it:

Little Mya is keeping my pillow warm:

Today’s symptoms:  Still feeling a little weak, probably just too much going on over the last little while.  No noticeable MS symptoms today other than just a few sharp pains in my forearms.

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