On The Train

I’m on the train back home to St. Catharines now. My friend is sitting one seat ahead and one seat up front up from me.  A nice girl has been seated me next to me and we have been very short in our conversation until just a few minutes ago. We were just served our appetizers and rolls, however, I refused the roll. While trying to read my book on my iPad while eating, my attention was quickly diverted to the scene next to me. I swear, the girl next to me did nothing to provoke the events that followed. She was just starting to eat her appetizer when her butter suddenly (and totally unprovoked) lept to its death from her tray. I swear, she didn’t even come close to it – the butter just spontaneously lept from her tray onto the floor. About ten minutes later, I finally lost my composure and mentioned how I have been trying to keep from laughing after witnessing the event.  We both have no clue as to why her butter took its own life on the train. Hopefully, the rest of the ride home wil be far less depressing. 

Stay tuned….

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