Ottawa – Day Whatever!

We had our last full day of training today.  Never thought I would be bummed that training was over, but I kinda am!  It’s been great.  The only reason I’m glad to be going home is to see my kitties.  If it wasn’t for them, I would be more than happy to stay here for another week. 

Due to my limited energy, I’ve been unable to go anywhere else other than to class then back to the hotel.  This has seriously limited my picture options for my blog.  Let’s see, today I took a picture of my coffee at break and the amazingly yum-o chocolate my friend brought me:

And here is a pic of Donkey sneaking a sip of her Godiva milkshake:

And here’s a Donkey-free pic of the view from my room:

Our train is leaving around 12:30 tomorrow and we’ll roll into St. Catharines at 7:15pm.  I’m really hopeful that there will be enough cake tomorrow.

Today’s symptoms:  After having to leave the course a little early yesterday due to feeling very fatigued with tons o’ bone crushing pain all over my celery stick body, I’m still weak and achy today.  However, I expect to feel much better tomorrow after a good sleep.  Hopefully I won’t receive another phone call at 2:07 in the morning (wrong number), waking me up from a dead sleep.

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