Ottawa – Day Three

Had my first day of training.  The other girl from St. Catharines came in via the train last night, and we met up this morning for some noms.  We were both shocked that it was snowing out – ugh!  Guess it’s good I didn’t fly here since Vyctor would have been outside in the snow.  Anyway, after eating, we made the five minute walk over to where the training was being held.  There are people from all over Ontario and out East.  What a great bunch of folks – everyone is very nice and there isn’t a bad apple in the bunch.  Nary a snip, snot nor snoot!  The two instructors/facilitators are great as well.  So far, everything with the training is enjoyable.  It is very interactive and not at all boring. 

I’ll have to let Rich from work know that I kidnapped his donkey again.  Actually, I’ve had it for awhile.  What kind of parent is he?  Didn’t even notice!  I’m so tempted to report him to FADS (Family and Donkey Services).  We’ll see.

At the end of the training, we had to partner up with someone, go into a small room, and role play in front of a camera:

My partner and I felt we did quite well and were somewhat relieved when it was over.  However, we were told that there was a technical glitch and the camera did not record.  We had to redo the exercise.  It’s funny that I’m usually nervous before doing interviews on TV and the radio, but never nervous DURING.  It was the same case here today.  No biggie that we had to do take two – it’s all a good learning experience.

I didn’t want anyone to think I was weird (stop laughing), but considering everyone who knows me realizes that I’m quite off-the-wall, I didn’t post the pics of Donkey touring with me yesterday.  So, without further ado, I present to you Donkey in the Capital City:

I would also like to point out that it wasn’t me who drank all the wine on the train:

Looking forward to the second day of training.  I just plan on resting for the rest of the evening.  My energy starting to take a dive just around noon today.

Today’s symptoms:  Typical decline in energy starting early in the afternoon.  Fortunately, it wasn’t a full out crash.  Also experienced quite a few very sharp pains in my right foot.  For the last month, most of the pain has been in my forearms and hands.  Maybe this is a sign that the pain is making its way down my body and will leave out my feet, never to return.  Yea!

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