The weather was horrible yesterday so there was no chance of me flying myself to Ottawa.  Total bummer.  So, I headed out on the train, which left St. Catharines at 2:30.  We stopped at Union Station in Toronto for an hour and a half layover.  While sitting waiting for the next train, a cute little pigeon wandered over:

I hope they’re humane to catch and take him back outside.

I didn’t eat too much during the day because I had read the menu for business class on the way to Ottawa, and was really looking forward to the meal.  The appetizer consisted of cheese, crackers and grapes.  There were three choices for the main course – I was going for the trout.  And the best part was to be the chocolate cake for dessert.  Well, they wheeled the carts down from each end to pass out the appetizers and desserts.  When they got to me, he said they were all out of trays.  He would go hunt one down.  Alrighty.  I was sitting watching the woman next to me eat her noms and eyeballing her yummy chocolate cake.  The guy came back about ten minutes later and brought me a tiny little dish which contained half a strawberry, a slice of orange and a slice of grapefruit.  Nothing else!  I swear I could feel a little tear trickle down my cheek.

I don’t even like grapefruit and what was I supposed to do with that stinkin’ piece of lettuce?  Use it to wipe away my tears?  I snapped a pic of the cake that I was deprived of:

At least my meal was really good.  Mind you, not only was I the only one who didn’t get the appetizer, I wasn’t offered a roll either!  What the heck?

Fortunately, they only thing they didn’t run out of when they got to me was the wine.  That certainly made the long ride more tolerable.  I didn’t roll into Ottawa until 10:30.  I scurried outside and got the last cab.  He didn’t have any cake for me though.

I slept well in my massive suite last night.  This place is as big as my apartment!  The kitchen is bigger!  Around 10:30 this morning, I decided to wander down to the parliament buildings:

I guess this is technically where my boss works:

Look, I got the Liberty Bell and Big Ben in the same picture!  (tee hee!)

Too bad I didn’t get a picture of the Santa Maria drifting down the canal….

A woman asked me to take her picture and also offered to take mine:

After checking out the sites, I went into the nearby Rideau Mall.  I’ve been doing so well, not feeding into my hoodie addiction.  Unfortunately, I bought one today.  Foxy:

I know, I’m weird.

I start my training tomorrow.  The other girl from my office will be coming in tonight and got a suite down the hall.  It’s nice to have someone to go down to the Conference Centre with.

Today’s symptoms: I felt good this morning but the fatigue hit really hard after I got back to the hotel.  I spent about four hours in bed, dozing on and off.  Travelling really does a number on me, which is why I couldn’t have arrived today with the training the next day.

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