MS Fundraiser

Please check out my videos page to see the interview with Inside Niagara, Niagara College.  They did a great job!

It’s been a great week!  On Wednesday, I saw a friend from work who retired in 2008.  We met at a nearby restuarant for a great chat and noms.  She is absolutely loving retired life…although she fills her time through part time work at a local winery.  After dinner, we decided to split an amazing dessert – some banana, chocolate, carmael, mass of yumminess thing:

It was a great visit and we both agreed that we needed to get together more than once a year!

Last night we had our annual Marcel Dionne and Lizzy McFly MS Fundraiser at his store in Niagara Falls.  Check out the great spread of food:

There was a great pair of singers, which I unfortunately missed out on until almost the end of the night, as I was up front of the store taking donations.  I’m just waiting for an email from them to get a link to their website so I can post it on my blog:

They were really good!  I wish we had them out performing in the restaurant part of the store, as that is where most of the visitors were during the night.  However, while in the back area of the store, I snapped this  lovely picture of my mother and the guy she beat up:

I never thought I would say to my little mother “Pick on someone your own size!” but I was able to last night.

Here’s a nice shot of some of the visitors to the event:

Great night!  Marcel said to me that he would like to do it a little later in the summer next year as he can make it a much larger event.  People just aren’t available during April and May.

For the rest of the evening today, I’ll be packing my bags for my trip to Ottawa.  I’ll be taking the train tomorrow as the weather does not look decent enough to fly.  Total bummer!  Oh well, I’ll bring books and my iPad on the train and will certainly be entertained for the almost nine hour ride.

Today’s symptoms:  A little tired today due to the excitement of the fundraiser last night.  Well worth it though!  I’ll be bringing my laptop to Ottawa so I’ll certainly continue with my blogs next week.

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