Long But Great Day!

I was feeling too poorly on Saturday to go out for dinner with my mother, as we had planned.  I felt so bad for having to bail on our Easter dinner.  I think I somewhat made up for it by flying her out for breakfast the next day.  I was hoping to take her for her first trip to Tillsonburg.  They have a cafe in the terminal building.  Just as we were passing the Brantford Airport, I decided to call Tillsonburg and make sure the restaurant was open.  Turns out, it’s not open until the 21st.  So, after thanking the dispatcher, I called up Brantford and let them know I was coming in.  Typically it’s a very busy airport on the weekends, however, since it was Easter Sunday, there was no other fly-in traffic.  How is everyone supposed to appreciate the overwhelming cuteness of my plane when there are no other planes around to compare him to?  Geesh.  There were a couple club planes out front.  Here is a shot of little Vyctor in the distance, while we were waiting for our noms:

Actually, our food came out within minutes.  We both had a coffee and split an order of pancakes and an order of toast:

Fortunately, it was a relatively smooth flight there and back, so did not have to deal with any snarly looks from the right seat or any “You hit that bump on purpose!” lines.  Thanks, mother!

I had yesterday off.  My interview with Inside Niagara through Niagara College was scheduled for 1:30.  It was nice that they came to my apartment and did the majority of the interview from the comfort of my couch.  All three of the students were really nice and professional.  They loved my little hairless freak cats too.  Close to the end of the interview, I had to try really hard to not laugh, since little Abby jumped up on the arm of the chair next to me, and stared at the camera.

After the interview, they asked me if they could go down to the airport and get some footage of the plane.  It was quite windy, so I wasn’t sure if I would be flying or not.  Anyway, about an hour and a half later, I met them at the St. Catharines Flying Club.  Not surprisingly, most of the flights with the Club planes were cancelled that day, due to the wind.  They were using runway 29 (as per the wind direction) but if I was to fly and they wanted video, I would need to take off from 24.  Nice, big ol’ cross wind!  I decided the weather was flyable, however, the interviewer wanted to go up with me.  I said that it probably wouldn’t be a good idea, but I would go up and do a circuit, check out the conditions, land and possibly pick her up.  I took off, did a low and over, then back around for a white-knuckled landing.  I love doing cross-wind landings, but not too sure a passenger would enjoy the experience as much as I did.  I let her know that it was not a good day for her to go up, but I would certainly take her up on a calmer day.  So, I climbed back in the plane and headed up to 3500 feet to do some aerobatics.  Came down and landed in 24 knot winds, gusting 30.  Love it!  We pulled the plane into the hangar where they did some more footage:

What a great experience.  I think the interview will air on Cogeco cable 10 this Thursday.  I’ll let you know when I receive confirmation.  Not sure if the video will be available online.

After the interview, I headed over to the CARES building at the airport for our monthly Recreational Aircraft Association meeting.  I was there about an hour and a half early, so I just set up the room and then relaxed with my book.  I had a couple people start to come in just before 7:00 (the meeting starts at 7:30).  One of the people who came was my little mother.  My friend Laura also arrived.  I was being given an award of merit through COPA (Canadian Owners and Pilots Association), so they were there to watch.  Also, Laura was kind enough to audit our books for the year, and presented the results to the group.  It was so nice to have them there.  We had an amazing turn out that night.  We also had a great guest speaker!  Silly me forgot to ask him permission to post his name on my blog, so I’ll have to ask him and post about the chat in my next bloggage.  We also had a really nice picture of being presented with the award.  Again, I’ll ask him if he would mind if I post the pic.  Stay tuned….

Today’s symptoms:  Felt a little more tired than usual today, but that’s to be expected with my long but great day yesterday.  Had quite a few throbbing pains in my forearms, but that was about it with regards to MS symptoms.

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