Month: April 2012

Back In The Air!

It’s so good to be back from Ottawa, although I had such a great time there.  I was a little nervous to get back on the train, in fear that I would be jipped out of cake again.  Fortunately, I  was sitting a little further back this time so was one of the first people to get my meal.  Lo and behold, there was cake!

It was apple caramel and absolutely amazing.  The girl next to me (who as I mentioned in my previous blog, had her butter leap into the air and onto the floor, completely unprovoked) said “Oh my gosh, I just inhaled my cake – it’s amazing!”  Yum-o.  I certainly agreed.  The main meal was excellent too.  I had the asian noodle BBQ chicken thing:

Very impressed with the food on Via Rail.

I spent most of the day yesterday just recovering from the long trip home.  I was really weak and felt like I had the full blown flu.  I’m sure it was just my MS saying “You did too much this past week – smarten up!”  At least I felt much better today, plus the weather was perfect.  Needless to say, I went for a flight.  I love it when the cadets and their gliders are there.  It’s so neat to see:

The One Design was out doing aerobatics too:

I headed out toward Port Colborne, and flew by a slew of fisher-folks out on Lake Erie:

I was going to fly really low over the water and scare away the poor little fishies, but decided against it:

I couldn’t believe how many boats there were out there.  Here’s the parking lot with the ten thousand boat trailers:

This lighthouse is part way between Port Colborne and Fort Erie:

I decided not to fly around the Niagara Falls scenic circuit, but snapped this pic on the way by:

Coming back in to land, I flew past one of the gliders:

It was a great flight – so nice to be back in the air again.  I’m hoping for a decent day on Thursday, as it’s my compressed day off.  I was hoping to head out to the airport and wash my bird poop covered plane.  The belly is quite oily too from the aerobatics.  Definitely needs a good cleaning.  Perhaps I should fly before I wash it…hmmmm…..

Today’s symptoms:  Felt so much better than yesterday.  Feeling a little weak this afternoon and have a bit of a headache, but nothing much else to report.  Yea!

On The Train

I’m on the train back home to St. Catharines now. My friend is sitting one seat ahead and one seat up front up from me.  A nice girl has been seated me next to me and we have been very short in our conversation until just a few minutes ago. We were just served our appetizers and rolls, however, I refused the roll. While trying to read my book on my iPad while eating, my attention was quickly diverted to the scene next to me. I swear, the girl next to me did nothing to provoke the events that followed. She was just starting to eat her appetizer when her butter suddenly (and totally unprovoked) lept to its death from her tray. I swear, she didn’t even come close to it – the butter just spontaneously lept from her tray onto the floor. About ten minutes later, I finally lost my composure and mentioned how I have been trying to keep from laughing after witnessing the event.  We both have no clue as to why her butter took its own life on the train. Hopefully, the rest of the ride home wil be far less depressing. 

Stay tuned….

Ottawa – Day Whatever!

We had our last full day of training today.  Never thought I would be bummed that training was over, but I kinda am!  It’s been great.  The only reason I’m glad to be going home is to see my kitties.  If it wasn’t for them, I would be more than happy to stay here for another week. 

Due to my limited energy, I’ve been unable to go anywhere else other than to class then back to the hotel.  This has seriously limited my picture options for my blog.  Let’s see, today I took a picture of my coffee at break and the amazingly yum-o chocolate my friend brought me:

And here is a pic of Donkey sneaking a sip of her Godiva milkshake:

And here’s a Donkey-free pic of the view from my room:

Our train is leaving around 12:30 tomorrow and we’ll roll into St. Catharines at 7:15pm.  I’m really hopeful that there will be enough cake tomorrow.

Today’s symptoms:  After having to leave the course a little early yesterday due to feeling very fatigued with tons o’ bone crushing pain all over my celery stick body, I’m still weak and achy today.  However, I expect to feel much better tomorrow after a good sleep.  Hopefully I won’t receive another phone call at 2:07 in the morning (wrong number), waking me up from a dead sleep.

Ottawa – Day Four

Slept well last night and woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed for my second day of training.  I met up with my friend from St. Catharines around 7:30 and we went downstairs for breakfast.  It was still drizzly out this morning, but at least not as bad as last night (let’s just say we didn’t end up looking like drowned rats!)  I was totally shocked when I went to my seat, and saw this amazing piece of cake sitting there!

I guess I got on everyone’s nerves, bringing up the cake (or lack thereof) incident on the train.  Seriously, that was so thoughtful of her and I’m very appreciative!  I decided to bring it back to the room after class, which I’m really glad I did.  Upon my first bite, I instantly crumpled into a blonde heap on the floor – it was that good!

It was another great day of training.  I am getting so much out of this course and am finding it very enjoyable.  I’m not even minding the video recorded interviews we have to do at the end of each day!

At lunch, my friend and I walked across the busy street and into the food court at the mall.  The Department of National Defence Headquarters is just down the road, so there are tons o’ military folks scampering about.  It really makes me miss the Army, which I don’t think I’ve stopped doing since being medically released in 2006.  Bummer.  Anyway, after having some noms, we went into a couple shops.  I was a little disheartened to see this number:

I know it’s true, but very hard for us die-hard Leaf fans to see!  (sniff, whimper).

Another bummer is the fact that I was too pooped to join some of the folks after class who went out to dinner.  I walked down to the local Metro to buy some dinner and the ingredients to make fudge for everyone tomorrow.  It was a little tricky to make, considering I had to make it on the stove-top in a brownie pan.  Still, I hope it’s at least somewhat edible:

I was able to make an improvised container to transport it to the poor suckers I’m going to give it to tomorrow.  Actually, I tried a little piece and it’s not too bad.  Of course, I also used to enjoy eating Army rations….

Today’s symptoms:  I crashed a little bit harder today, and a little earlier.  Not too bad on the pain front though – just a fairly bad headache in the morning.  Life is good!

Ottawa – Day Three

Had my first day of training.  The other girl from St. Catharines came in via the train last night, and we met up this morning for some noms.  We were both shocked that it was snowing out – ugh!  Guess it’s good I didn’t fly here since Vyctor would have been outside in the snow.  Anyway, after eating, we made the five minute walk over to where the training was being held.  There are people from all over Ontario and out East.  What a great bunch of folks – everyone is very nice and there isn’t a bad apple in the bunch.  Nary a snip, snot nor snoot!  The two instructors/facilitators are great as well.  So far, everything with the training is enjoyable.  It is very interactive and not at all boring. 

I’ll have to let Rich from work know that I kidnapped his donkey again.  Actually, I’ve had it for awhile.  What kind of parent is he?  Didn’t even notice!  I’m so tempted to report him to FADS (Family and Donkey Services).  We’ll see.

At the end of the training, we had to partner up with someone, go into a small room, and role play in front of a camera:

My partner and I felt we did quite well and were somewhat relieved when it was over.  However, we were told that there was a technical glitch and the camera did not record.  We had to redo the exercise.  It’s funny that I’m usually nervous before doing interviews on TV and the radio, but never nervous DURING.  It was the same case here today.  No biggie that we had to do take two – it’s all a good learning experience.

I didn’t want anyone to think I was weird (stop laughing), but considering everyone who knows me realizes that I’m quite off-the-wall, I didn’t post the pics of Donkey touring with me yesterday.  So, without further ado, I present to you Donkey in the Capital City:

I would also like to point out that it wasn’t me who drank all the wine on the train:

Looking forward to the second day of training.  I just plan on resting for the rest of the evening.  My energy starting to take a dive just around noon today.

Today’s symptoms:  Typical decline in energy starting early in the afternoon.  Fortunately, it wasn’t a full out crash.  Also experienced quite a few very sharp pains in my right foot.  For the last month, most of the pain has been in my forearms and hands.  Maybe this is a sign that the pain is making its way down my body and will leave out my feet, never to return.  Yea!


The weather was horrible yesterday so there was no chance of me flying myself to Ottawa.  Total bummer.  So, I headed out on the train, which left St. Catharines at 2:30.  We stopped at Union Station in Toronto for an hour and a half layover.  While sitting waiting for the next train, a cute little pigeon wandered over:

I hope they’re humane to catch and take him back outside.

I didn’t eat too much during the day because I had read the menu for business class on the way to Ottawa, and was really looking forward to the meal.  The appetizer consisted of cheese, crackers and grapes.  There were three choices for the main course – I was going for the trout.  And the best part was to be the chocolate cake for dessert.  Well, they wheeled the carts down from each end to pass out the appetizers and desserts.  When they got to me, he said they were all out of trays.  He would go hunt one down.  Alrighty.  I was sitting watching the woman next to me eat her noms and eyeballing her yummy chocolate cake.  The guy came back about ten minutes later and brought me a tiny little dish which contained half a strawberry, a slice of orange and a slice of grapefruit.  Nothing else!  I swear I could feel a little tear trickle down my cheek.

I don’t even like grapefruit and what was I supposed to do with that stinkin’ piece of lettuce?  Use it to wipe away my tears?  I snapped a pic of the cake that I was deprived of:

At least my meal was really good.  Mind you, not only was I the only one who didn’t get the appetizer, I wasn’t offered a roll either!  What the heck?

Fortunately, they only thing they didn’t run out of when they got to me was the wine.  That certainly made the long ride more tolerable.  I didn’t roll into Ottawa until 10:30.  I scurried outside and got the last cab.  He didn’t have any cake for me though.

I slept well in my massive suite last night.  This place is as big as my apartment!  The kitchen is bigger!  Around 10:30 this morning, I decided to wander down to the parliament buildings:

I guess this is technically where my boss works:

Look, I got the Liberty Bell and Big Ben in the same picture!  (tee hee!)

Too bad I didn’t get a picture of the Santa Maria drifting down the canal….

A woman asked me to take her picture and also offered to take mine:

After checking out the sites, I went into the nearby Rideau Mall.  I’ve been doing so well, not feeding into my hoodie addiction.  Unfortunately, I bought one today.  Foxy:

I know, I’m weird.

I start my training tomorrow.  The other girl from my office will be coming in tonight and got a suite down the hall.  It’s nice to have someone to go down to the Conference Centre with.

Today’s symptoms: I felt good this morning but the fatigue hit really hard after I got back to the hotel.  I spent about four hours in bed, dozing on and off.  Travelling really does a number on me, which is why I couldn’t have arrived today with the training the next day.

MS Fundraiser

Please check out my videos page to see the interview with Inside Niagara, Niagara College.  They did a great job!

It’s been a great week!  On Wednesday, I saw a friend from work who retired in 2008.  We met at a nearby restuarant for a great chat and noms.  She is absolutely loving retired life…although she fills her time through part time work at a local winery.  After dinner, we decided to split an amazing dessert – some banana, chocolate, carmael, mass of yumminess thing:

It was a great visit and we both agreed that we needed to get together more than once a year!

Last night we had our annual Marcel Dionne and Lizzy McFly MS Fundraiser at his store in Niagara Falls.  Check out the great spread of food:

There was a great pair of singers, which I unfortunately missed out on until almost the end of the night, as I was up front of the store taking donations.  I’m just waiting for an email from them to get a link to their website so I can post it on my blog:

They were really good!  I wish we had them out performing in the restaurant part of the store, as that is where most of the visitors were during the night.  However, while in the back area of the store, I snapped this  lovely picture of my mother and the guy she beat up:

I never thought I would say to my little mother “Pick on someone your own size!” but I was able to last night.

Here’s a nice shot of some of the visitors to the event:

Great night!  Marcel said to me that he would like to do it a little later in the summer next year as he can make it a much larger event.  People just aren’t available during April and May.

For the rest of the evening today, I’ll be packing my bags for my trip to Ottawa.  I’ll be taking the train tomorrow as the weather does not look decent enough to fly.  Total bummer!  Oh well, I’ll bring books and my iPad on the train and will certainly be entertained for the almost nine hour ride.

Today’s symptoms:  A little tired today due to the excitement of the fundraiser last night.  Well worth it though!  I’ll be bringing my laptop to Ottawa so I’ll certainly continue with my blogs next week.

MS Fundraiser with Marcel Dionne

I just wanted to mention the MS fundraiser I’m having with NHL hockey legend Marcel Dionne, this Thursday the 19th.  It will be at his sports memorabilia store at 4424 Montrose Road, Niagara Falls from 6:00 – 8:00pm.  Food, drinks and entertainment available!  Hope to see a great turn out!

Today’s symptoms: Very fatigued today with sharp pains in my right hand.  Tomorrow will be better and Thursday even more so – I plan on feeling great for the MS fundraiser!

Friday 13th – Port Dover

Yesterday was Friday the 13th.  What’s the big deal, you say?  Well, it’s the gathering of all the bikers in Port Dover.  The last time I flew over, the weather was a little yuck-o so it wasn’t the best turn out.  I flew along Hwy 6 and passed dozens of bikers heading into town.  Once I got there, I called over the general frequency and let other planes know I was entering the area.  Another plane radioed back and said he was over the town at 2000 feet.  I called him back and advised him there was a 3000 foot restriction within a five mile radius of the town.  He called and said he was unaware and quickly climbed to 3000 feet.  I hope I didn’t get him in trouble, because I know London often monitors that frequency.  Anyway, here are a couple shots of the event:


The weather was perfect – not a cloud in the sky, so the pics turned out pretty decent.  After a few circuits around the town, I headed back to St. Catharines.  It only took about 30 minutes to get back.  Most of the time heading back, I was thinking “Should I go back to work?  It will only be for two hours, but I really should go back.”  I finally told myself to get a life and enjoy the couple measly hours off.  Geesh!  Every year I tell myself that I’m going to stop hoarding vacation leave, and I’m typically not successful.  We’ll see how this year turns out.

Almost back in town, I flew over the new St. Catharines hospital.  I think this is the fifth aerial pic I posted on my blog of the hospital since construction started a couple years ago.  It looks great:

We’ll just assume that my picture is crooked, not the hospital itself.  If it is the hospital, hopefully they have a vertigo ward….

I plan on staying home today, just working on things around the apartment and making some flight plans for my flight (hopefully, depending on the weather!) out to Ottawa next week.  This will be the furthest I’ve flown by myself, but I’m quite sure I can handle it.  Sure beats the nine hour train ride!

Today’s symptoms:  A little more fatigued than usual, due to my busy days on Thursday and Friday.  They were worth every symptom I feel today though!  Apart from that, there really aren’t too many MS symptoms going on with me!

Dream Come True

I got permission from the presenter of my award of merit to post his name and picture.  His name is Paul Hayes – after he presented the award, he gave a presentation on his experience in aviation to our group.  It was such an interesting and intriguing talk!  Everyone was so impressed. 

Here’s our pic:

I have the very nice looking award displayed at work.  Love it!

It was my day off today.  My mother met me at the apartment just before 9:00 so she could keep me company at my Tysabri infusion in Burlington.  I had the time in my calendar as 10:30, but it was actually at 10:00.  I felt so bad!  The nurse said she was starting to get worried because we’re always there about 20 – 30 minutes early!  Oops.  Anyway, got infused and within an hour we were back on the road.  I had made arrangements with the President of the local Air Force Association to meet him at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum and take a tour of the Lancaster.  It’s been a dream of mine for quite a few years to take a step inside this amazing plane:

I caught a couple pics of it doing a low and over at the St. Catharines Airport a year or so ago:

I think I had prolonged goosebumps for about an hour.  The Lancaster is as amazing on the inside as it is on the outside:

Jan and I were both shocked over how high up we were.

Here is moi in the left seat:

And from the outside, looking like a little speck:

The amazing tour didn’t end with the Lancaster.  I’m probably grossly mistaken, but I think I sat in the Avro CF-100:

And a couple shots of other aircraft:

I wish we could have stayed longer (although we were there for almost three hours!), but the Tysabri started to kick in, causing me to feel flu-ish.  That was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time!

Today’s symptoms:  I basically had no MS symptoms this morning!  I started feeling yucky about four hours after the Tysabri infusion, but that’s to be expected.  Everything will be better after a good nights sleep!

Long But Great Day!

I was feeling too poorly on Saturday to go out for dinner with my mother, as we had planned.  I felt so bad for having to bail on our Easter dinner.  I think I somewhat made up for it by flying her out for breakfast the next day.  I was hoping to take her for her first trip to Tillsonburg.  They have a cafe in the terminal building.  Just as we were passing the Brantford Airport, I decided to call Tillsonburg and make sure the restaurant was open.  Turns out, it’s not open until the 21st.  So, after thanking the dispatcher, I called up Brantford and let them know I was coming in.  Typically it’s a very busy airport on the weekends, however, since it was Easter Sunday, there was no other fly-in traffic.  How is everyone supposed to appreciate the overwhelming cuteness of my plane when there are no other planes around to compare him to?  Geesh.  There were a couple club planes out front.  Here is a shot of little Vyctor in the distance, while we were waiting for our noms:

Actually, our food came out within minutes.  We both had a coffee and split an order of pancakes and an order of toast:

Fortunately, it was a relatively smooth flight there and back, so did not have to deal with any snarly looks from the right seat or any “You hit that bump on purpose!” lines.  Thanks, mother!

I had yesterday off.  My interview with Inside Niagara through Niagara College was scheduled for 1:30.  It was nice that they came to my apartment and did the majority of the interview from the comfort of my couch.  All three of the students were really nice and professional.  They loved my little hairless freak cats too.  Close to the end of the interview, I had to try really hard to not laugh, since little Abby jumped up on the arm of the chair next to me, and stared at the camera.

After the interview, they asked me if they could go down to the airport and get some footage of the plane.  It was quite windy, so I wasn’t sure if I would be flying or not.  Anyway, about an hour and a half later, I met them at the St. Catharines Flying Club.  Not surprisingly, most of the flights with the Club planes were cancelled that day, due to the wind.  They were using runway 29 (as per the wind direction) but if I was to fly and they wanted video, I would need to take off from 24.  Nice, big ol’ cross wind!  I decided the weather was flyable, however, the interviewer wanted to go up with me.  I said that it probably wouldn’t be a good idea, but I would go up and do a circuit, check out the conditions, land and possibly pick her up.  I took off, did a low and over, then back around for a white-knuckled landing.  I love doing cross-wind landings, but not too sure a passenger would enjoy the experience as much as I did.  I let her know that it was not a good day for her to go up, but I would certainly take her up on a calmer day.  So, I climbed back in the plane and headed up to 3500 feet to do some aerobatics.  Came down and landed in 24 knot winds, gusting 30.  Love it!  We pulled the plane into the hangar where they did some more footage:

What a great experience.  I think the interview will air on Cogeco cable 10 this Thursday.  I’ll let you know when I receive confirmation.  Not sure if the video will be available online.

After the interview, I headed over to the CARES building at the airport for our monthly Recreational Aircraft Association meeting.  I was there about an hour and a half early, so I just set up the room and then relaxed with my book.  I had a couple people start to come in just before 7:00 (the meeting starts at 7:30).  One of the people who came was my little mother.  My friend Laura also arrived.  I was being given an award of merit through COPA (Canadian Owners and Pilots Association), so they were there to watch.  Also, Laura was kind enough to audit our books for the year, and presented the results to the group.  It was so nice to have them there.  We had an amazing turn out that night.  We also had a great guest speaker!  Silly me forgot to ask him permission to post his name on my blog, so I’ll have to ask him and post about the chat in my next bloggage.  We also had a really nice picture of being presented with the award.  Again, I’ll ask him if he would mind if I post the pic.  Stay tuned….

Today’s symptoms:  Felt a little more tired than usual today, but that’s to be expected with my long but great day yesterday.  Had quite a few throbbing pains in my forearms, but that was about it with regards to MS symptoms.

Birthday Girl!

I had to sing someone Happy Birthday today.  Pinky turned four!

We decided to have a little party and Pinky really got into it:

Good times!

After the party, I called the radio station 610 CKTB to do an interview for the upcoming MS Walk.  It’s only a couple weeks away on Sunday the 22nd.  For the last four years, I have flown my plane over all three walk sites in Niagara.  I may not be able to do the flight the day of the Walk this year as I have to go to Ottawa for training at work.  I will still be there in spirit though!  I will also be drawing names for all those who pledge me, for a flight around Niagara.  If you want to pledge me for this worthy cause, feel free to check out my pledge page!  The interview with 610 CKTB will either be next week or the week before the Walk.  I will also be doing an interview with Inside Niagara through Niagara College on Monday.  I’m not sure when the interview will air on cable – I’ll keep you posted!

I hope everyone is enjoying the Easter weekend!

Today’s symptoms: After my rather busy and exciting day yesterday, my fatigue level was a little higher today.  No flights for me, although I did have a nice visit with my mother!



As it’s Good Friday, I had the day off.  The weather was great so I of course, went for a flight.  Actually, had more than one.  I took up my friend’s two sons and the oldest son’s girlfriend.  The younger son went up first.  We headed out over Niagara Falls and checked out the whales and dolphins swimming around in the tanks at Marineland.  I was a little surprised when he said he wanted to try some aerobatics.  I texted his mother down on the ground, hoping that they were all outside ready to watch the show.  We did a roll, loop snap roll and a rather pathetic spin.  Vyctor wasn’t in the spinning mood today, so we only did about 3/4 of a revolution.  Anyway, he seemed to really enjoy the flight!  Here we are taxiing back to the apron:

Next I took up his brother.  He’s kinda like me and gets very car sick.  I mentioned how during the first five months of my flight training, I was really nauseous for every flight.  When I flew as a passenger in someone else’s plane, it was even worse.  Regardless, I was hoping three herbal Gravol and my anti-nausea bracelet would do the trick, but he still started to feel a little sick soon after take-off.  I was bummed that he missed out on going over the Falls.  Still, I think he at least somewhat enjoyed our brief flight.  After we landed, I shut my plane down and thought that was it for the day.  However, I was quite happy to have my friend walk over and say that the girlfriend wanted to go up too.  Once I started up, I told the control tower that I was back and ready to head out again.  We flew over the Falls and I snapped a couple of pics with my iPhone:

Not the greatest pics but I left my camera with my friend.  Anyway, everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves that day.  I love being able to give other people the experience of their first flight!

Before heading to the airport, I met my friend at her house for a visit.  She took me upstairs and showed me her son’s adorable little Gecko.  Her name is Peanut.  So cute:

She had quite the attraction to the Cessna logo.  Pilot lizard, perhaps?

My friend finally got some well deserved and long over-due revenge on me.  While at my apartment, twice she had one of my kitties some how manage to get poopies on her.  Come to think of it, may have been three time.  It’s amazing it has happened to her this many times because to be totally honest with you, it’s only happened to me once!  And I live with the goobers!  Well, Laura had the gecko trained to pee on me.  I know she gave little Peanut some sort of signal to do her business while up on my arm.  She “claimed” that Peanut had never done that to her.  Hmmmm….  Well, I guess when you compare it the situations I mentioned about my poopy kitties, I really should believe her!

After looking at the pics of the gecko, I see the resemblance to my googliest kitty, Abby.  Speaking of googly Abby, my mother sent me an email Easter card, which had a cat in it that meowed.  Abby went into full-out google mode while the cat was meowing away:

What a googly goober.

When I arrived home after the airport, I opened my door to the smell of fresh baking.  I figured that my wonderful little mother had gone into my apartment while I was out flying, and baked up some goodies as a surprise.  This must have been what it was because I couldn’t smell the yumminess until I actually walked inside – not out in the hall at all.  I set down my bags and opened the oven – nothing.  I checked the fridge – nothing.  All of the cupboards – nary a nom!  I had been duped!  I still don’t know how that wonderful aroma managed to get into my apartment and not waft outside, but it did.  Thanks for nothing, mother.  Still love you though!

Today’s symptoms:  Felt great!  Energy level was amazing and my pulled muscle issue seems to be getting better. 

Guest Speaker

Had an interesting and fun start to the week.  I was asked by the wife of one of the Recreational Aircraft Association executives if I would give a talk at her church meeting.  I actually enjoy speaking in front of a group of folks, so happily accepted.  Before heading over to the church, I tested out the projector with my laptop in my living room:

Instead of buying artwork for the wall, I think I’m just going to buy a large frame, mount a projector on the ceiling and constantly play a slideshow of my favourite pics into the frame!  How funky would that be?

There was a nice turn out at the church.  They were celebrating their 60 year anniversary, so had a professional picture taken.  I snapped this shot, but since I didn’t ask anyone permission to post their pic on my blog, I shrunk down the pixels so they’re not recognizable:

They did their administration portion of the meeting first, while I sat and played on my iPhone.  I think there may be spooks in that church since my bag which was firmly sitting on the chair next to me, suddenly decided to fall on the floor:

My talk was about my eleven years with the Army Reserve, university for Criminology and Psychology, College for Funeral Service, my job with the government and of course, flying.  It was a lot of fun and I kept everyone awake by playing a slideshow of about 60 pictures while I was talking.  Had a couple flight videos too.  And of course, I showed them my wonderful children!

I had quite the array of reactions from this photo!

The rest of my week wasn’t quite as exciting as Monday night.  Actually, I’ve had another little health issue since Sunday.  I think I mentioned in a previous blog the first time this happened about three weeks ago.  Sunday, while visiting Lil’ Jan, I started to get severe pains in my chest and back during every single breath.  It just kept getting worse as the day went on and by the evening, the pain was unreal and I had to constantly take very shallow breaths.  I was able to see my doctor for a quick appointment on Tuesday.  She thinks I have pulled or slightly torn muscles between or beneath my ribs.  I just can’t figure out what I did to cause this.  She gave me an x-ray requisition and anti-inflammatories for the next time it happens (although hopefully it doesn’t reoccur).  It has been getting a bit better each day, fortunately.

I’m looking forward to going out to dinner with a bunch of gals from work tomorrow night.  It will be a nice kick-off to the long Easter weekend!  Hopefully the weather is going to be as nice as they’re predicting so I can get a few flights in.

Today’s symptoms:  Not too much to report on the MS front.  Fatigue level was very tolerable today.  Actually, one of the better days I’ve had in a while.  I think the second CCSVI surgery is still working well!