Slow Down! Geesh….

It’s been a decent week.  On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of visiting my dentist.  Actually, I’ve never had a problem going to the dentist.  My dental hygienist is really nice and gentle, and my dentist is a pilot – can’t go wrong there!  When I arrived, she unveiled the tools of destruction:

It was a decent appointment – thirty-four years with no cavities.  I guess Jan owes me a quarter.  I really think the amount should have gone up over the years, you know, with the cost of living and all.  Cheap mother….

Wednesday I did an hour of overtime then went to Johnny Rocco’s for our Recreational Aircraft Association directors meeting.  It’s a really nice restaurant.  They even put us in a room all to ourselves so it was a little quieter.  I decided to try a brown olive for the first time.  I hate olives.  Now I REALLY hate olives.  Tasted like feet.  The guy sitting next to me offered me his green one, which was still yucky but much better than the vile brown one.  I could taste feet for the rest of the night.  Other than that, the food was great.  Everyone got something different and all seemed to enjoy their meals.

One more thing about Wednesday.  Since I had to go straight to the restaurant from work, I drove that day.  It was a little disturbing to see a bra outside my car when I pulled into the parking spot:


It was my short day (sometimes referred to as a Jan day) on Thursday.  My hours were 8:15 – 2:45.  I went in for my normal 7:15 to do an hour overtime, and was hoping to do another three hours after 2:45.  However, I had to go home at 1:30 as I was so tired and weak.  I went straight to bed, slept for four hours and woke up feeling just as bad as before I went to sleep.  Fortunately, I felt a bit better on Friday, and even better today.

Speaking of Friday, I came home to this little scene:

Someone opened the cabinet where I keep my scarves and other items.  Gee Mya, you don’t look too guilty laying on the pile!

Today was our last Saturday for overtime.  I worked from 8:00 – 2:00.  I finally got all of my accounts organized and much more manageable.  Quite a few people came in today.  There were many comments about this tree almost in full bloom outside of city hall:

I was supposed to take someone up for a flight after work, but we were rained out.  Despite having a pretty bad headache from yet another sinus infection, I decided to get everything done that I wanted to do this weekend.  I ran out and did an errand at the mall, then back to the apartment.  I did a work out on my stationary bike for 94 minutes.  Then I took the recycling and garbage down and scrubbed all the bins.  Back upstairs, I vacuumed, including the balcony.  In the bedroom, I accidentally sucked up my bookmark and the tassel ripped off.  I figured I might as well thoroughly clean the vacuum while I had it apart to retrieve the tassel.  Then I noticed the new tiles I put down under the litter boxes were all askew, I pulled them all up and neatly taped them together to keep them neat.  Did some filing, cleaned the counters in the kitchen then filled my pill containers for the month.  Ok, I’m finally done….I think….

Today’s symptoms: Just a bad headache from the sinus infection and still a little tired.  Other than that, feeling pretty good!

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