Fantastical Weekend!

We were offered overtime this Saturday at work and quite a few of us showed up.  My friend was somewhat regretful that she gave up six hours of her day to work, so I tried to cheer her up.  Every hour or so, I would run by her desk with a countdown sign:

Gave her a little laugh, at least.

The weather was a little better that day than I thought it would be, so after work, I grabbed my camera and gear and headed out to the airport.  I did a little air show for my friend and her three kids (plus another young relative).  They said they loved it!  I just responded to her message on Facebook and said that my favourite part of being a pilot (especially being able to do aerobatics) is to give people joy from flying with me or just watching.  It really is the best feeling!

It appears that little Boo was doing some reading while I was out on my flight, as she was sifting through some books when I walked in the door:

Such a naughty kitty.

I had another great day today.  My friend rented a Piper Warrior from the Welland Flying Club and took me for a flight along the Lake Erie shoreline.  We had to wait prior to taking off, as there was a large flock of wild turkeys (gobble gobble) walking toward the runway, then taking flight to cross:

We thought they all made it to the other side of the runway:

However, just as we started to roll, one straggler started heading over to the group.  Fortunately, we were able to lift off and clear him below us.  Little dork!

Here are some of the sights heading West along Lake Erie:

Here’s Port Dover, which will be totally packed with thousands of bikers in less than a month, for the Friday the 13th gathering:

I’m hoping to fly over the event in April, as I have the last two years.

This house out in the middle of the water was rather odd:

Needless to say, there was no car outside of the garage.

Heading back to land at Welland, the pilot ahead of us warned of two cute coyotes frolicking across the runway:

Great flight!  Afterwards, I went for my weekly visit with Lil Jan.  We headed to the mall then to Zehrs for groceries.  After, we went to Pleasantview Memorial Gardens to tour the new visitation centre they just built.  It was gorgeous!  Jan is quite happy with going there (which probably won’t be for another 40 years or so).

We noticed this perfect picture outside of the women’s washroom:

We were VERY impressed with everything there, from their amazing chapel, the reception areas and the lounge which was basically like a really nice restaurant – full kitchen and everything!  After our tour, we drove over to the plot where my grandparents are and the plot marker for my mother and I:

Great, great weekend!

Today’s symptoms: Just a few aches still in my right foot – feels like a hot poker going through my heel.  Other than that, my fatigue has been minimal all weekend!

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