Finally a Bad Day…

Gee, I haven’t had a bad day in a couple weeks!  Guess I had it coming after feeling so good lately.  I had to leave around 1:30 today and was in bed the rest of the day.  I was hoping to do some overtime tonight, but obviously that wasn’t happening.  Maybe tomorrow.

I chaired our annual general meeting for our Recreational Aircraft Association group last night.  My term as a director was up, but I was re-elected.  We’ll decide on positions at our exec meeting next week, but they already said they want me to stay on as President.  Works for me!  I think getting home late from the meeting may have made me a little more pooped than “normal” too.

Jan and I were going to fly to Tillsonburg on Sunday, but it was too windy for her liking.  We’ll wait for a nice, calm and clear day.  I’m hoping I feel well enough to take a couple hours vacation over the next week to go up for a flight.  I won’t be able to go on my day off on Thursday because Jan and I are going to Burlington in the morning for my Tysabri infusion, then I’m going into work for some more overtime.

Nothing exciting has been happening over the last few days.  I don’t even have any pics to share.  How pathetic!  Wait, I’ll go hunt down some kitties and get a few shots.  Stand by…

Ok, here we go:

Today’s symptoms: Felt really weak and tired with some really bad and rather intense MS pains in my right foot and hand.  At least they woke me up!

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