Best Concert Ever!

Ok, on to the Jann Arden concert blog.  I think everyone at work was getting sick of me saying “OMG, OMG, OMG!  I’m going to meet Jann Arden!”  I was really excited as she’s one of my favourite artists. 

My mother and aunt stopped off at my office and we headed over to my apartment to pick up my camera.  I guess I wasn’t thinking that morning – had to go to an Ear, Nose, Throat doctor regarding my chronic sinus issues.  Let’s just say I’m booked for surgery this summer, but I’ll talk about that in another blog.  So, I ran upstairs and grabbed my camera, and off we drove to Hamilton.  We met up with my cousin outside of Hamilton Place.  We were scheduled to “meet and greet” Jann around 6:00pm.  There were about two dozen of us lucky folks.  We waited in a small, unfurnished room until Jann arrived.  It was rather amusing that her dog walked into the room before her and all of us immediately started ahhh’ing over him rather than focus on Jann!  We’re so rude but look how cute her dog is, so do you blame us?

After ralphing on the floor (due to all of the excitement from his fans), he chilled out on the table for the rest of the time:

We eventually turned our attention to the star of the show:

Jan and I went up together to meet her.  I gave her one of my “Vyctor” cards and said that if she ever wanted to go for a nice scenic flight around Niagara, to give me a call:

I can’t remember if her response was “Oh, that’s so cool!” or “Jan, I’m so sorry that your daughter is a complete nutbag.”  Regardless, I was happy to put the offer for a flight out there.

Jann provided us with a copy of her new book and CD.  My copy was of course made out to Lizzy McFly:

A pose with her cute dog before bidding us adieu:

After the meet and greet, we had over an hour before the concert started.  The four of us crossed the street to the Honest Lawyer restaurant for a couple drinks.  We split an order of sweet potato fries, then noticed that mass quantities of noms on the table next to ours.

My cousin and I were still a little hungry, so I decided to discretely sneak over to the food and grab a small handful before running back to my seat.  Not sure if anyone noticed me – that time.  Here I am nomming a stolen fry:

Unfortunately, I decided to go back for a couple of spring rolls.  It was at that point one of the dudes at the other table noticed me.  I protested “I’m hungry and gaunt!”  Fortunately, I wasn’t arrested and got a free spring roll out of the deal.

The opening act for Jann was great!  Check out Wil’s website.  I emailed him as soon as he walked off the stage, thanking them for the great performance!

We had a twenty minute break before Jann came out.  That’s when I did the previous blog.  Not surprising at all, Jann rocked it.  She’s awesome:

She did some songs from her new album – awesome.  She did songs from older albums – awesome.  Made some jokes between songs – did I mention she’s awesome?  So is her band.  Wow:

Toward the end of the show, she did a Lawrence Welk theme, complete with bubblage!

And a final shot of the whole band – wish the picture was a little better:

What an amazing night!  We saw her a couple years ago and will go back ever time she comes to Hamilton.  Did I mention she’s awesome?

Today’s symptoms: Despite a rather late night, I had a fair bit of energy today.  Lots of crushing pains in my right hand and arm through.  Also, my right leg was a little weak when I first got up.  This is the one that went very weak over a year ago, and I had to have IV steroids for four days to treat the new lesion on my brain, which caused the issue. 

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