Great Weekend!

After a really productive week, I had a great weekend.  My friend and I went to the Casino yesterday, as we were given $20 token vouchers at the auto show.  We had to sign up for Player’s cards.  I discovered that I still had mine on their system.  My brother and I used to go to the casino many years ago.  Anyway, we hit the slot machines, using the $20 on our cards.  My friend unfortunately went through the $20, plus had to add about $60 more during the hour or so we were there.  I was a little more lucky and managed to come out $46 ahead, only using the free $20 on my card!  Yea! 

It was fun, although I can see how easily people can become addicted.

The day was nice after the rather boring night I had on Friday.  I told my animal hospital that I would cut up my curtains, so they could us them as cage liners.  Took almost three hours but I got them all done:

I might walk home during a lunch this week and pick up the curtains to drop off at the vet’s, which is less than a block from my apartment.

Here’s a cute shot of three of the goobers last night.  They know they get their treats at 9:00, so when I walked into the kitchen at 8:45, they all thought it was time.  Pinky came in right after I snapped this pic:

After nomming, Boo and Mya climbed up onto the cable receiver.  Kinda cute that Mya decided to hold Boo’s paw:

I visited little Jan today.  We had a coffee at Timmy’s then wandered around the Seaway Mall for a bit.  We headed over to Zehrs for groceries, where we ran into our dental hygienist then Jan’s across-the-street neighbours.  After getting some fuelage, we headed back to her place.

I decided that I would take my stereo system to my apartment.  I bought it back in university.  Love my 10″ Paradigm sub-woofer!  I missed it. I’m surprised I got it all into my car.  I don’t have too much truck space due to my two 10″ sub-woofers.  I guess I’m a bass addict.  Here it is all set up:

It sounds amazing!  I can’t believe how much bass there is in commercials – you never hear it without a sub.  Can’t wait to watch an action movie!

Oh, I almost forgot.  Our union at work did a nation-wide walk-out at noon this past Thursday.  The government is proposing to cut our pensions, severance and jobs.  We were out there for our 30 minute lunch break.  I flew over to take some pictures:

The St. Catharines Standard was there and did an interview for the paper.  I was a little surprised, albeit amused, when I saw this picture.  Everyone is looking up at my plane but the paper didn’t mention why they were all looking up!  Tee hee!

Today’s symptoms:  Felt pretty good!  Actually, I’ve had the best week physically (except for Saturday because I didn’t sleep well) that I’ve had in a long time!

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