Month: March 2012


It was so weird to have Saturday off today.  Actually, I thought it would be great to have the day to just lounge around in my jammies, but it was quite boring!  Around 6:00, I was so bored that I exercised for over an hour.  I was planning on taking the day off today.  Oh well.  With the way our budget is going in the country and all the changes they are making, I probably won’t be able to retire until I’m 89, so I’m all set!

I had some sheets up on the stove to bring to my mother’s tomorrow.  I turned my back for an instant and when I turned around again, I noticed this:

Boo is such a goober.  A Boober, in fact!

At work Thursday, they handed out the bunny grams we bought for each other.  I had about five, each with five chocolate eggs.  My entire day of noms on Friday consisted of the chocolate.  By the end of the day, I thought I was going to hurl.  I was so relieved that I finished them off.  What a relief to know when I go into work on Monday, that there will be no more eggs to tempt me.  However, just as I was getting to leave for the day, I noticed that the bunny plane my mother bought me had a trail of eggs behind it:

Stinkin’ bunnies – always poopin’!  Mind you, as long as their poopin’ chocolate, I’m not going to complain!

Today’s symptoms:  Didn’t really have too many!  Just still some sharp pains in my forearms, plus a dull headache for most of the day, but that’s about it.  My energy was decent, so life it good!

Gotchie Mix-Up

I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already!  I had to take a vacation day yesterday to get my vacation hours down to the maximum we’re allowed to carry over each year.  Jan and I went to Boulevard Mall in Buffalo.  While we were in one of the big department stores (Macy’s or JC Penny) we headed over to the underwear section.  I remember my friend at work said to me last week that she wanted to get one of her relatives a massive pair of underwear as a joke.  I was rummaging through the clearance bin when I came across these bad boys:

Jan took a picture so I could show my friend the massive gotchies the next day at work.  This morning, I ran over to her desk, pulled up this picture on my iPhone and said “I saw these yesterday and thought of you!”  She kinda gave the picture a weird look and said “OK” with a very confused tone.  I said “Aren’t they perfect?!”  And she just kept staring at the picture.  I mentioned how she said to me last week that she wanted to buy a huge pair of gotchies for her relative.  She then replied “No I didn’t….”  I tried to convince her that she did, but to no avail.  I thought of the situation once back at my desk and figured out where I went wrong.  It wasn’t her that mentioned the underwear, it was my other friend!  I just showed her the biggest pair of underwear I’ve ever seen and said that I thought of her when I saw them!  Tee Hee!  I confirmed with my other friend in the afternoon that it was actually her who wanted the underwear.  We all had a good laugh.

After getting home from the mall yesterday, I went over my presentation I’m giving to a Church group on Monday, while Abby sat lovingly on my lap:

Could she be any more cute?  Seriously!

We’ve all been playing Roll Up The Rim at Tim Hortons over the last month.  The cups say that 1 in 6 will win!  “Yea, right!” says my mother!  She’s had about three coffees a week there and hasn’t won yet!  I’ve had probably 15 or so and won twice.  Unfortunately, not the Camry:

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.  I guess it will be going on for another week or so.

Tomorrow I’ll be in Fort Erie for a good chunk of the day.  I have to train a teleworker on Windows 7 and Office 2010.  I’m really looking forward to it as the co-worker and I get along quite well.  I was hoping for some decent weather after so I could take a couple hours of vacation and go for a flight.  I wasn’t able to fly last weekend due to the weather and this weekend doesn’t look like it’s going to be much better.

Today’s symptoms:  Felt pretty darn good.  I’ve been having really sharp pains on the inside of my elbows, lasting about a minute or so.  It’s kinda weird to have MS pains on both sides, since they’re usually just on one.  They’ve been happening for a few days now.  Other than that, my symptoms have been more than tolerable.

Slow Down! Geesh….

It’s been a decent week.  On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of visiting my dentist.  Actually, I’ve never had a problem going to the dentist.  My dental hygienist is really nice and gentle, and my dentist is a pilot – can’t go wrong there!  When I arrived, she unveiled the tools of destruction:

It was a decent appointment – thirty-four years with no cavities.  I guess Jan owes me a quarter.  I really think the amount should have gone up over the years, you know, with the cost of living and all.  Cheap mother….

Wednesday I did an hour of overtime then went to Johnny Rocco’s for our Recreational Aircraft Association directors meeting.  It’s a really nice restaurant.  They even put us in a room all to ourselves so it was a little quieter.  I decided to try a brown olive for the first time.  I hate olives.  Now I REALLY hate olives.  Tasted like feet.  The guy sitting next to me offered me his green one, which was still yucky but much better than the vile brown one.  I could taste feet for the rest of the night.  Other than that, the food was great.  Everyone got something different and all seemed to enjoy their meals.

One more thing about Wednesday.  Since I had to go straight to the restaurant from work, I drove that day.  It was a little disturbing to see a bra outside my car when I pulled into the parking spot:


It was my short day (sometimes referred to as a Jan day) on Thursday.  My hours were 8:15 – 2:45.  I went in for my normal 7:15 to do an hour overtime, and was hoping to do another three hours after 2:45.  However, I had to go home at 1:30 as I was so tired and weak.  I went straight to bed, slept for four hours and woke up feeling just as bad as before I went to sleep.  Fortunately, I felt a bit better on Friday, and even better today.

Speaking of Friday, I came home to this little scene:

Someone opened the cabinet where I keep my scarves and other items.  Gee Mya, you don’t look too guilty laying on the pile!

Today was our last Saturday for overtime.  I worked from 8:00 – 2:00.  I finally got all of my accounts organized and much more manageable.  Quite a few people came in today.  There were many comments about this tree almost in full bloom outside of city hall:

I was supposed to take someone up for a flight after work, but we were rained out.  Despite having a pretty bad headache from yet another sinus infection, I decided to get everything done that I wanted to do this weekend.  I ran out and did an errand at the mall, then back to the apartment.  I did a work out on my stationary bike for 94 minutes.  Then I took the recycling and garbage down and scrubbed all the bins.  Back upstairs, I vacuumed, including the balcony.  In the bedroom, I accidentally sucked up my bookmark and the tassel ripped off.  I figured I might as well thoroughly clean the vacuum while I had it apart to retrieve the tassel.  Then I noticed the new tiles I put down under the litter boxes were all askew, I pulled them all up and neatly taped them together to keep them neat.  Did some filing, cleaned the counters in the kitchen then filled my pill containers for the month.  Ok, I’m finally done….I think….

Today’s symptoms: Just a bad headache from the sinus infection and still a little tired.  Other than that, feeling pretty good!

Fantastical Weekend!

We were offered overtime this Saturday at work and quite a few of us showed up.  My friend was somewhat regretful that she gave up six hours of her day to work, so I tried to cheer her up.  Every hour or so, I would run by her desk with a countdown sign:

Gave her a little laugh, at least.

The weather was a little better that day than I thought it would be, so after work, I grabbed my camera and gear and headed out to the airport.  I did a little air show for my friend and her three kids (plus another young relative).  They said they loved it!  I just responded to her message on Facebook and said that my favourite part of being a pilot (especially being able to do aerobatics) is to give people joy from flying with me or just watching.  It really is the best feeling!

It appears that little Boo was doing some reading while I was out on my flight, as she was sifting through some books when I walked in the door:

Such a naughty kitty.

I had another great day today.  My friend rented a Piper Warrior from the Welland Flying Club and took me for a flight along the Lake Erie shoreline.  We had to wait prior to taking off, as there was a large flock of wild turkeys (gobble gobble) walking toward the runway, then taking flight to cross:

We thought they all made it to the other side of the runway:

However, just as we started to roll, one straggler started heading over to the group.  Fortunately, we were able to lift off and clear him below us.  Little dork!

Here are some of the sights heading West along Lake Erie:

Here’s Port Dover, which will be totally packed with thousands of bikers in less than a month, for the Friday the 13th gathering:

I’m hoping to fly over the event in April, as I have the last two years.

This house out in the middle of the water was rather odd:

Needless to say, there was no car outside of the garage.

Heading back to land at Welland, the pilot ahead of us warned of two cute coyotes frolicking across the runway:

Great flight!  Afterwards, I went for my weekly visit with Lil Jan.  We headed to the mall then to Zehrs for groceries.  After, we went to Pleasantview Memorial Gardens to tour the new visitation centre they just built.  It was gorgeous!  Jan is quite happy with going there (which probably won’t be for another 40 years or so).

We noticed this perfect picture outside of the women’s washroom:

We were VERY impressed with everything there, from their amazing chapel, the reception areas and the lounge which was basically like a really nice restaurant – full kitchen and everything!  After our tour, we drove over to the plot where my grandparents are and the plot marker for my mother and I:

Great, great weekend!

Today’s symptoms: Just a few aches still in my right foot – feels like a hot poker going through my heel.  Other than that, my fatigue has been minimal all weekend!

Finally a Bad Day…

Gee, I haven’t had a bad day in a couple weeks!  Guess I had it coming after feeling so good lately.  I had to leave around 1:30 today and was in bed the rest of the day.  I was hoping to do some overtime tonight, but obviously that wasn’t happening.  Maybe tomorrow.

I chaired our annual general meeting for our Recreational Aircraft Association group last night.  My term as a director was up, but I was re-elected.  We’ll decide on positions at our exec meeting next week, but they already said they want me to stay on as President.  Works for me!  I think getting home late from the meeting may have made me a little more pooped than “normal” too.

Jan and I were going to fly to Tillsonburg on Sunday, but it was too windy for her liking.  We’ll wait for a nice, calm and clear day.  I’m hoping I feel well enough to take a couple hours vacation over the next week to go up for a flight.  I won’t be able to go on my day off on Thursday because Jan and I are going to Burlington in the morning for my Tysabri infusion, then I’m going into work for some more overtime.

Nothing exciting has been happening over the last few days.  I don’t even have any pics to share.  How pathetic!  Wait, I’ll go hunt down some kitties and get a few shots.  Stand by…

Ok, here we go:

Today’s symptoms: Felt really weak and tired with some really bad and rather intense MS pains in my right foot and hand.  At least they woke me up!

Vet Visit

I decided to be a rebel and take the day off today.  I’ve been getting a little burned out from all the overtime I’ve been doing.  I even get to do six hours tomorrow (Saturday)!  I got things ready for the Recreational Aircraft Association meeting on Monday, as well as the “motivational” presentation I’m giving to a church group in a few weeks.

I did have to go out at 5:15 though.  Little Abby and I went to the vet.  She’s still having poopy issues.  Here she is waiting patiently for the vet:

They had to take blood, which was a little hard to watch.  Poor Abby handled the stick in the neck like a pro.  Only one little squeaky mew.

When I went out into the waiting room to wait for her blood work results, there were two girls with their dogs.  They both looked and one said “I’ve never seen a hairless cat before!”  I replied “She’s not supposed to be hairless.  The vet asked me to shave her a little for her needle, and I think I over did it!”  They both gasped!  Tee hee.  I told them I was just kidding.  Mind you, I had the exact same reaction when I got the bill for $300!  Ugh.  She’s worth it though.

When I got home, all of the kitties decided they would gather around for an early snack:

I had to send them on their way though – let’s not get piggish!

Speaking of food, my friend at work pretends to get violently ill whenever I mention certain foods.  One of them is cottage cheese and berries.  Well, here’s what I had for dinner tonight – just had to add it to my blog:


I had quite the reaction to what I saw in my bedroom last night.  I walked in to see this:

Since I totally hate spiders, I jumped back when I saw this huge bugger on my floor.  At closer glance, I realized something:

It was my little fake one, that Boo must have found and neatly placed on the floor to scare the crap out of me!  It worked!

Today’s symptoms: Feeling pretty good!  The last week and a half has been amazing.  I was a little tired today, but I’m sure it was due to the overtime.  I’ll kinda be glad when it’s over in a few weeks.  Still having some sharp, crushing pains in my right arm and hand, but they’re better than they were a couple days ago.

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Best Concert Ever!

Ok, on to the Jann Arden concert blog.  I think everyone at work was getting sick of me saying “OMG, OMG, OMG!  I’m going to meet Jann Arden!”  I was really excited as she’s one of my favourite artists. 

My mother and aunt stopped off at my office and we headed over to my apartment to pick up my camera.  I guess I wasn’t thinking that morning – had to go to an Ear, Nose, Throat doctor regarding my chronic sinus issues.  Let’s just say I’m booked for surgery this summer, but I’ll talk about that in another blog.  So, I ran upstairs and grabbed my camera, and off we drove to Hamilton.  We met up with my cousin outside of Hamilton Place.  We were scheduled to “meet and greet” Jann around 6:00pm.  There were about two dozen of us lucky folks.  We waited in a small, unfurnished room until Jann arrived.  It was rather amusing that her dog walked into the room before her and all of us immediately started ahhh’ing over him rather than focus on Jann!  We’re so rude but look how cute her dog is, so do you blame us?

After ralphing on the floor (due to all of the excitement from his fans), he chilled out on the table for the rest of the time:

We eventually turned our attention to the star of the show:

Jan and I went up together to meet her.  I gave her one of my “Vyctor” cards and said that if she ever wanted to go for a nice scenic flight around Niagara, to give me a call:

I can’t remember if her response was “Oh, that’s so cool!” or “Jan, I’m so sorry that your daughter is a complete nutbag.”  Regardless, I was happy to put the offer for a flight out there.

Jann provided us with a copy of her new book and CD.  My copy was of course made out to Lizzy McFly:

A pose with her cute dog before bidding us adieu:

After the meet and greet, we had over an hour before the concert started.  The four of us crossed the street to the Honest Lawyer restaurant for a couple drinks.  We split an order of sweet potato fries, then noticed that mass quantities of noms on the table next to ours.

My cousin and I were still a little hungry, so I decided to discretely sneak over to the food and grab a small handful before running back to my seat.  Not sure if anyone noticed me – that time.  Here I am nomming a stolen fry:

Unfortunately, I decided to go back for a couple of spring rolls.  It was at that point one of the dudes at the other table noticed me.  I protested “I’m hungry and gaunt!”  Fortunately, I wasn’t arrested and got a free spring roll out of the deal.

The opening act for Jann was great!  Check out Wil’s website.  I emailed him as soon as he walked off the stage, thanking them for the great performance!

We had a twenty minute break before Jann came out.  That’s when I did the previous blog.  Not surprising at all, Jann rocked it.  She’s awesome:

She did some songs from her new album – awesome.  She did songs from older albums – awesome.  Made some jokes between songs – did I mention she’s awesome?  So is her band.  Wow:

Toward the end of the show, she did a Lawrence Welk theme, complete with bubblage!

And a final shot of the whole band – wish the picture was a little better:

What an amazing night!  We saw her a couple years ago and will go back ever time she comes to Hamilton.  Did I mention she’s awesome?

Today’s symptoms: Despite a rather late night, I had a fair bit of energy today.  Lots of crushing pains in my right hand and arm through.  Also, my right leg was a little weak when I first got up.  This is the one that went very weak over a year ago, and I had to have IV steroids for four days to treat the new lesion on my brain, which caused the issue. 

Jann Arden

How exciting!  I just met Jann Arcen!  My mother, aunt, cousin and I bought tickets to the Jann Arden concert, which included a meet and greet backstage.  I offered her a flight around Niagara in my Cessna 150 Aerobat.  I guess we’ll see if she takes me up (litterally!) on the offer!  I told her she would have a blast, as would I!  She’s such a wonderful person – very down to Earth with a great sense of humour.

Ok, the opening act just started.  I’ll post pics tomorrow.

Great Weekend!

After a really productive week, I had a great weekend.  My friend and I went to the Casino yesterday, as we were given $20 token vouchers at the auto show.  We had to sign up for Player’s cards.  I discovered that I still had mine on their system.  My brother and I used to go to the casino many years ago.  Anyway, we hit the slot machines, using the $20 on our cards.  My friend unfortunately went through the $20, plus had to add about $60 more during the hour or so we were there.  I was a little more lucky and managed to come out $46 ahead, only using the free $20 on my card!  Yea! 

It was fun, although I can see how easily people can become addicted.

The day was nice after the rather boring night I had on Friday.  I told my animal hospital that I would cut up my curtains, so they could us them as cage liners.  Took almost three hours but I got them all done:

I might walk home during a lunch this week and pick up the curtains to drop off at the vet’s, which is less than a block from my apartment.

Here’s a cute shot of three of the goobers last night.  They know they get their treats at 9:00, so when I walked into the kitchen at 8:45, they all thought it was time.  Pinky came in right after I snapped this pic:

After nomming, Boo and Mya climbed up onto the cable receiver.  Kinda cute that Mya decided to hold Boo’s paw:

I visited little Jan today.  We had a coffee at Timmy’s then wandered around the Seaway Mall for a bit.  We headed over to Zehrs for groceries, where we ran into our dental hygienist then Jan’s across-the-street neighbours.  After getting some fuelage, we headed back to her place.

I decided that I would take my stereo system to my apartment.  I bought it back in university.  Love my 10″ Paradigm sub-woofer!  I missed it. I’m surprised I got it all into my car.  I don’t have too much truck space due to my two 10″ sub-woofers.  I guess I’m a bass addict.  Here it is all set up:

It sounds amazing!  I can’t believe how much bass there is in commercials – you never hear it without a sub.  Can’t wait to watch an action movie!

Oh, I almost forgot.  Our union at work did a nation-wide walk-out at noon this past Thursday.  The government is proposing to cut our pensions, severance and jobs.  We were out there for our 30 minute lunch break.  I flew over to take some pictures:

The St. Catharines Standard was there and did an interview for the paper.  I was a little surprised, albeit amused, when I saw this picture.  Everyone is looking up at my plane but the paper didn’t mention why they were all looking up!  Tee hee!

Today’s symptoms:  Felt pretty good!  Actually, I’ve had the best week physically (except for Saturday because I didn’t sleep well) that I’ve had in a long time!