I was really hoping to hit the skies this weekend but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.  It’s very windy, low ceilings and snowing/raining on and off.  Oh well, maybe later in the week. 

 Did three nights of overtime at work this past week.  It’s been nice to try and get caught up a little bit, as I’ve fallen behind after all the training I prepared and dished out the last couple of months.  Actually, I hope we have it available for a couple more months.  The extra money is a nice bonus.

I spent the day organizing, cleaning and working on the digital photo albums I’m making for my Recreational Aircraft Association folks.  I finally got all of the photos scanned and arranged into folders.  Now I’m just copying them to twenty-five 8GB memory sticks.  Each one is taking about 40 minutes, but at least I can just have them running in the background.  I can run around and do other things while the files are copying, such as combing my kitties:

Someone mentioned that I parted her “fur” on the wrong side.  I think it looks ok though.

As usual, I’ll be visiting my little mother tomorrow.  Hopefully it doesn’t snow too much overnight.  Too many maniacs on the road, even when the conditions are yuck-o-la.

I hope to have more exciting news to share within the next day or so.  Not too much has happened over the last week.

Today’s symptoms: Feeling quite good!  Lots o’energy, and only a few aches and pains in my hands and arms. 

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