Weather Forecast???


Fortunately, the weather did clear later and we were able to head out to the airport.  There was still a fairly low ceiling over Niagara (over 2000 feet) but it was clear skies before hitting Grimsby.  We landed in Brantford in less than 40 minutes, purchased my headset and headed back to St. Catharines.  Here’s a goofy shot of me turning on my little video camera:

And some of the snow-covered scenery:

I had to leave work a little early yesterday to head to Burlington for my mothly Tysabri infusion.  As usual, the nurse did a great job with the blood work and IV.  Jan and I waited patiently for my infusion to be done, while watching TV and cracking jokes.  I also taught Jan to take a picture with my iPhone:

Back home, I got a few pictures of the four-legged goobers.  Boo is looking cute, as usual in this shot:

We’ve all sorta noticed that her fellow-speckled sister is starting to get a tad chubby.  Poor Abby:

Check out those kitty love handles!

Today’s symptoms:  Felt GREAT!  Lots of energy, although a fair bit of pain from the Tysabri.  There will be less achyness tomorrow though.

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