It’s Snowing – Finally.

Not that I’m excited about the snow, but geesh – it’s almost the end of January and we finally got our first small storm.  You would think that no one knew how to drive, as there were tons of accidents on the major highways.  My mother drove down Highway 406 into St. Catharines, but the Northbound lanes were closed due to multiple accidents.  She said she saw quite a few cars in the ditch along the way too.   At least I didn’t have to walk home in it.  Actually, it was my compressed day off today, but I went in and worked overtime.  Jan picked me up just before 2:00 as we both had an appointment with our chiropractor.  We had a great crack-a-lackin!

 I’m sure the kids were thrilled to be inside the nice warm apartment today.  Abby was her normal googly self:

Pinky was almost googly too, but not quite:

I sent a picture of my computer to my friend the other day.  As a fellow pilot, he knew exactly what the gauge was under my monitor.  I don’t think that I was able to convince him that we work so fast that our computers require a tachometer:

I also don’t think he was too fond of my peeing cat pictures:

Fortunately, he knows how weird I am so he wasn’t surprised.

Hoping the weather clears up by Saturday so I can fly to Brantford, as it was too cloudy last weekend.

Today’s symptoms:  Feeling pretty good!  Two days ago was not good at all.  I was so fatigued and weak.  I had to leave forty-five minutes early and my friend drove me home.  I was hoping to stay a few extra hours overtime.  At least I got it in today.  Still feeling the positive effects of the second CCSVI surgery!

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