Great Game!

As I mentioned in my last, very brief blog, Jan and I went to a Leafs game in Toronto Tuesday night.  I was hoping to post the blog from the game and include pictures, but apparently pics can’t be posted over the phone.  So, here are some of the pics from our night.  First of all, we were thrilled to see the big, stretched limo waiting for us outside of the apartment:

There was a fairly large bottle of wine waiting for us in the back.  Not surprising, it was sorta empty by the time we made it to Toronto *burp*.

Our seats for the game were great:

After the first period, they played bowling with people in an inner-tube.  It was quite amusing!  You certainly don’t get to see this stuff on TV during the game:

Jan and I were photo bombed by the girls behind us.  They were really starting to get annoying.  They were from Buffalo and cheering for the Sabres.  However, as the game went on and the score was 2-0 Toronto, they became increasingly more hostile toward the Leafs.  They kept chanting “Blow Leafs Blow.”  Hello!  Feel free to say that when your team is winning, but they got shut out!  Duh!  Oh well, it was rather entertaining.

The ride home in the limo was great.  Too bad there wasn’t any wine left.  We’ll have to ration it next time.

The weather was amazing on Wednesday so I took a little leave from work and went for a flight.  I’m still trying to figure out the best position for my GoPro video camera.  If the prop is straight ahead, then all you see in the video is the prop going down the screen in big horizontal lines.  It was much better when I angled it to the side.  Here’s a shot of the camera and view:

It’s weird that the prop is in vertical lines in my iPhone pic, but horizontal in the video.  Hmmm…  Regardless, it was a great flight.  Despite all of the excitement from the night before, I was still feeling well enough after my flight to stay until 8:00 for over time!

I had another long day on Thursday.  It was my day off but I went in for 7:45am for over time.  Jan came to St. Catharines around noon to go with me to my Tysabri infusion.  We drove to Burlington, picked up some coffees from Timmy’s for ourselves and the nurse, and headed to the clinic.  I was a little shocked when the nurse looked at me and said “You shouldn’t be here.”  Huh?  Apparently, the MS clinic didn’t fax the Tysabri folks paperwork stating it was OK to go back on the medication, since having a sinus infection in November.  Ugh!  So, we had to re-book the appointment for next week.  We drove over to the mall nearby and wandered around for a bit, then back home to St. Catharines.  I ended up going back into work for another couple of hours to complete my over time hours.

Last night I looked over and noticed this cute scene:

Pinky loves being in bags.  It didn’t last too long though as Boo decided to pounce on her.  I asked Mya if she could believe what her silly sisters were doing, but she didn’t answer as she was too busy checking her emails:

We finally got snow today but I’m hoping it stops by tomorrow morning.  I plan to fly to Brantford again this weekend to check out a new headset.  Fingers and paws crossed!

Today’s symptoms:  Felt pretty good, despite the long and exciting week!  I can’t believe how much energy I have since the CCSVI surgery.  Yea!

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