New Business Venture!

I sprang awake in the middle of the night earlier this week, with a wonderful idea.  I’m going to open a restaurant!  The word “nom” seems to have become quite popular lately:  The sound made when eating something. Can be referred to as “nomming” as a verb.  I’m going to call the restaurant Elizanoms Nommery.  I’m probably just going to start off with breakfast and lunch.  Breakfast will focus on a specialty Nomlettes and the main feature for lunch will be Nomburgers and comfort foods like Nomghetti and Nom Balls and Nomzza.  I think the Niagara Region could really use such a unique and hip place for noms!

The weather was finally decent today so I decided to go for a flight.  I was supposed to do the Polar Bear Dip in Chippawa today, but since I’ve had a cold for the last week, it was suggested by my neurologist, family and friends that I skip it this year.  Therefore, I took the friend I was going to do the dip with up for a flight instead.  We decided to head out to Brantford for noms.  Here are a couple shots of Hamilton International Airport as we flew over:

Approaching Brantford, I couldn’t believe how busy it was.  There were three planes behind us from St. Catharines and Welland, all going there.  Also, one plane just landed, there were two on the downwind and two on final.  Needless to say, the restaurant was packed when we arrived.  We had a share a six-seater table with four other folks.  After a nice breakkie, we walked over to Aircraft Spruce to check out what they had in stock.

I snapped a couple of pictures of the nicest looking plane at the Brantford Airport, before departing:

He looks so naked without his wheel pants on.  I had my mechanic take them off for the winter.  Snow can become compacted up in the pants and cause issues with the brakes, so it’s best they’re removed.

Here’s a pic of Brantford Airport as we headed back to St. Catharines:

It was a very quick flight back – we arrived at CYSN in less than forty minutes.  A nice tail wind helped us along.

I was able to try out my new GoPro Hero Camera today – it works great!  I’m going to stick a few more mounts on my dash to figure out the best angle.  I might go up for a brief aerobatic flight tomorrow morning, before heading out to Jan’s.  I’ll work on the angles then.  Jan will probably like leaving the house tomorrow.  She drove to St. Catharines yesterday to go with me to my neurologist appointment in Hamilton.  She said there was a puddle on her garage floor when she left and the car was making a loud noise.  I suggested she call her mechanic.  She was advised to have the car towed out to their shop.  We’re pretty sure the power steering fluid is what leaked out.  She cried a little while I was taking this picture:

I’ll take her over to Timmy’s and the mall tomorrow.  She said she spent a couple hours sitting in the garage today, staring at the puddle on the floor.  She really misses her car.  Hopefully getting out tomorrow will get her mind off of this tragic event.

Today’s symptoms:  Felt great!  Started to get a little tired around 5:00, and decided I wouldn’t work out long today.  Regardless, I got on my stationary bike and did fifty-eight minutes!  I play games on my iPhone while on the bike, and it allows me to focus all of my attention off of the pain in my legs and feeling tired.  My neurologist asked me yesterday if I used a gym, stating I was very strong.  He said it was great that I work out for about an hour every day. 

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