Wow – A Week Went By!

Geesh, I’ve really been slack-a-lackin!  Back to the bloggage.  Now I’m sitting here scratching my head, trying to think about what happened over the last week.  I know there were a few cute photos taken of the kids:

Pinky decided to make sure Boo kept her head down:

Speaking of “pink:,” I had a big disappointment at Tim Hortons the other day.  I normally don’t eat lunch but decided to grab a strawberry yogurt on my lunch break.  Gee, could they put any less in the cup?

Still very yummy, but not too filling!  Fortunately, we went out for dinner a few nights later and the noms made up for my lacking-lunch.  Chuck and his friend ordered breaded shrimp.  I’m not a shrimp fan at all, but did try one.  Not too bad, but I think the piece I had was mostly batter.  I had a bad experience with my first two shrimp experiences.  My first one was at a picnic at the nursing home I used to volunteer at.  I thought the shrimp was warm and it was ice cold.  Not good.  The second one was in Mexico.  Everyone at our table and in the line to the buffet next to us, looked over at me when they heard the huge crunch.  How was I supposed to know you aren’t supposed to eat the tail?!?!  Yuck!  Glad my third experience was much more tolerable.  Still, I don’t think I would order it again:

The spinach dip was amazing, so I focused my attention there.

I think I mentioned that my mother had a picture of Vyctor blown up to hang on my wall.  Man, I love it!

Goes quite nicely with the propeller clock, doncha think?

I think I’m coming down with a cold or something.  I started to get a sore throat the night we went out to dinner (must have been the shrimp!)  It was worse the next night, then better the next day.  Now it seems to have started again today, but on the other side.  Weird.  I don’t think this dry air is helping.  I guess I shouldn’t complain since the winter so far has been so mild.  Today was the first really cold day with temps around -12 degrees.  A bit of snow too.  Tomorrow is supposed to go back up above freezing.  Of course, the air is still really dry so to help out at work, I was allowed to get a small humidifier for my desk:

I’m still having bladder issues from the MS, which is causing me to be chronically dehydrated.  I always have a humidifier on next to my bed at night, and it makes a fairly big difference.  I’m starting to notice it’s a little more tolerable at work with my little blue buddy blowing mist in my face.

So there’s my news over the last week.  Nothing too exciting.  Chuck is gone to Florida for a few days, so I’m just chillin’ by myself tonight.  I couldn’t go with him as I had to bring a home-worker their upgraded computer and train them on Windows 7 and Office 2010.  I think I’ll finally watch the Pink Floyd – Dark Side of The Moon DVD my mother bought me for my birthday.

Today’s symptoms:  My energy was decent except I started to get rather tired from being dehydrated.  I didn’t want to have to run to the washroom every 20 minutes while I was at my coworker’s house, so I kept my fluid intake to a minimum.  Still, feeling quite good since my second CCSVI procedure!

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