Feng Shui

I can’t believe Christmas is over!  Boo hoo!  It was great though.  As usual, we had a ton of pressies to open, since it was just the three of us.  Before Chuck and I went over to little Jan’s, we opened some presents at the apartment.  Of course, the kitties also got their gifts.  I had to throw out Pinky’s favourite toy – a rainbow, because it was so SOILED and yucky.  Fortunately, I found a new one:


She was thrilled, as you can see.  Grandma Jan also bought a new toy, which Mya seems to enjoy.  Excuse the blurry photo:

I was happy to open the great new video camera Chuck bought me for my plane.  I’ll be able to attach it to the outside of Vyctor and take some awesome video of aerobatics:

I can’t wait to try it out!

We headed over to Jan’s at 11:00 ish and started working at the huge pile of gifts:

It was a very entertaining few hours!

As usual, Jan made a great meal.  He trifle dessert was to die for.  We also snacked on some yum-o lemon squares, which unfortunately, she didn’t make herself (hers are better):

Yet another year of great Christmas memories.  Also, more hoodies to add to my ever growing collection!

I was hoping to go for a flight with a friend today, but the weather didn’t co-operate.  We still met up for a coffee and a chat, at least.  After, I went home and spent around four hours steam cleaning the carpets.  Ugh!  The kitties quickly adapted to the temporarily rearranged furniture.  Normally, they’re not allowed on the table, but it was kinda hard to say no when I had one of their hide-outs sitting up there.

She was running around like she had a load in her pants, as soon as she realized the floor was a little damp.  It was quite amusing!

Little Boo quickly discovered where the food dish was sitting:

A line-up soon followed:

I think the Christmas tree looked quite charming up on the couch:

When I started cleaning the carpet in the bedroom, I noticed little Mya and Abby, crashed on the bed.  Mya can be quite the bully – she’ll bite Abby in the bum to force her to get up and leave her nice, warm sleeping spot.  Looks like Abby got a little revenge.  Here she is, sitting on Mya.  I love how Mya’s back leg is sticking out and up – must be from all the pressure of Abby’s big butt:

I’m sorta looking forward to going back to work tomorrow.  Most people are taking the rest of the week off, so the office will be very quiet.

Today’s symptoms:  Feeling quite good!  Lots o’energy and am surprised how well I feel at 8:00pm, despite doing a fair bit of physical activity today. 

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